The Utopia of Cordoba

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If there is a famous story book by its title, Utopia that are Tomas Moro. So popular did the title jumped out of the cover to dictionaries, converted into a noun and an adjective to define universally […]

Cordoba mosque made of silver

The silver Mosque in Cordoba

29/05/2012 admin 4

On the net I found this interesting photo today a model of the Cordoba Mosque made of silver. I do not know details about the size and weight, but it is very similar to the wooden model on display at the […]

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An instructional guide to the Mosque

17/02/2010 admin 2

Historian John A. Souto presented yesterday at the new library Luque his work “The mosque Mosque of Cordoba”, an essay that makes a “general reflection” sobre este monumento islámico y que tiene el objetivo de dar a […]

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Other pages on the Mosque

19/01/2009 admin 1

INFORMACIÓN GENERAL Contiene un paseo virtual por el temploórdoba Anales de la Córdoba Musulmana 5 Reinado de ‘Abd al-Rahman III Origen de la mezquita de Hashim Cabrera

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Firnas and artist Angel Garcia Roldan

13/01/2009 Esteban 0

The artist Angel Garcia Roldan has worked on Abbas Ibn Firnas figure and its first flight from the minaret of the Mosque of Cordoba in its series ABBAS ABBAS PROYECT PROJECT. CELESTIAL WORLD is not only a tribute […]