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Olifante califal

27/02/2010 admin 0

Fact Sheet No. Inventory: 2577 Collection: IVORIES AND BONE Timeline: X III- XIV ? School: Cordovan (?) / Spanish (?) Place of production: Cordova (?) / Spain (?) Material: Ivory. Technique: Size Dimensions: 45 cm. Location: CABINET, Showcase 21.4 Give […]

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Chest of Beatitudes

29/11/2009 admin 3

The ark or chest of the Beatitudes was a XI century Romanesque ivory plaques made with, that was a gift from the Kings of Leon Ferdinand I and his wife Sancha made to the church of San […]

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Fitero casket

27/11/2009 admin 2

Ivory casket of the Monastery of Santa Maria la Real Fitero. Navarre. Small and carved ivory, it is dated Arqueta of Fitero, for registration, Year 966. It is a masterpiece of […]

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Chest of Santo Domingo de Silos Provincial Museum (Burgos).

22/05/2009 Paco Muoz 1

Mohamed'm Zeiyan, Basin.

“He kept the Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos, and now it is saved in the Provincial Museum of Burgos, one ivory casket, knock cap, measuring 345 millimeters long, 200 wide and 190 High.

The jewel is very patched. Because she lost one of the side panels of the box and the upper and the sides of the lid, and will ivory tablerillos were replaced by sheets of gold and enamelled copper, by adding an armor edges, Copper also gold and enamel, to adjust and sustain ivory cloths.

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Looking Cordoba… in Portugal

10/05/2009 Dr. Mabuse 8

I suspect that Al-Garb Al-Andalus, the west of Al-Andalus, his memory and retrieval, is still a matter of serious and systematic study. For most Portuguese art manuals, This begins with the first Portuguese Romanesque county still dependent […]