The Mosque on posters for TWA

22/05/2012 admin 0

David Klein is one of the most influential American illustrators of the twentieth century. Author of innumerable graphics and posters of famous movies such as “Death of a Salesman” the “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof“, Klein develops […]

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The Qibla in al-Andalus

04/03/2010 admin 1

In the case of al-Andalus, one can speak of four trends. First, the most commonly used was the "trend Suhayl" and should identify with those mosques taking as a model the mosque of Cordoba, definitely, capital. In […]

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Learn to Islamic designs

18/02/2010 admin 0

Are you a handyman and do not know how the hell did these fabulous and intricate geometric designs?. So if you fancy your own diseñarte prints with geometric designs and borders, this simple and clear guidance offered by the Metropolitan Museum of […]

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Process chronology

11/02/2010 admin 1

On the basis of including a chronology of events that determine the fortunes of the Mosque, I worked on a timeline that can view the events sorted by year. I have separated the events of Christian culture […]

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El Califato Omeya (diagram)

11/01/2010 admin 0

This diagram is published by Wikimedia. It would be interesting to isolate the Caliphate of Córdoba for a more complete graph data. The Taifa could include adding the geographical location of each.

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Guide index and timeline

15/06/2009 Brunildo 1

As discussed last month, and considering your contributions, in attachments signaled the possible guide index and a timeline that we can be helpful to know the evolution of the building […]