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The Great Mosque of Cholula novohispana

19/12/2009 Dr. Mabuse 2

In an earlier chapter sat suspicion that Córdoba, through its Great Mosque, was, in the last, inspiring element of some samples of Spanish American colonial architecture. If we approach the matter that story of architecture […]

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Albert Foweraker: Córdoba Moonlight

08/07/2009 Dr. Mabuse 5

Blizzard pieces for a puzzle consisting of thousands of them. New artists, new travelers, sincere love of this land in eternal decay. Much more than simple step giddy tourists, children of postindustrial consumer society. True pioneers. Today, […]

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Córdoba in the tropics

21/05/2009 Manuel Harazem 3

Palais des Ursulines. Havana. Cuba. I like the morning after the coffee drank Havana walk about with my ensendío sigarro. I have a house in Havana designed for you with floor and ivory […]