Grave Inca Garcilaso

The tomb of the Inca Garcilaso

07/10/2013 admin 1

The Inca Garcilaso died in Cordoba, at his home in the Parish of St. Mary the 22 April 1616: ten days after having completed 77 years old. He was buried in the chapel he himself commanded build with […]

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Velázquez Bosco epigraphic Fakes

14/03/2009 Manuel Harazem 2

On interventions in the Mosque Velazquez Bosco has written something, never enough, Speaking of one of peormente studied monuments of Spain, in the treaties that deal with the most important historical and artistic building of Cordoba. […]

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Prohibition of work in the Mosque

23/01/2009 Esteban 0

“City Commandment forbidding under penalty of death bricklayers, stonemasons, carpenters and laborers who were working at the construction of the Cathedral that was to form the Cruise feshaciendo”

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St. Stephen's Gate

23/01/2009 Esteban 0

First historical inscription of the mosque at the door of San Sebastián, also called St. Stephen. It referred to the works in the years ago 855-856 Translation by Muhammad I of M. Ocaña. He sent Prince, […]

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Inscription on the Royal Chapel

22/01/2009 admin 0

Simple but eloquent inscription in two lines monastic types can be read in the niche of the western wall of the Chapel Royal. This certifies the year of construction of the same order of Henry II of Trastamara, […]

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The builders of the Mihrab

21/01/2009 admin 0

This registration Mihrab, realizes its constructor. I have to locate where you are and photograph. Or someone knows and can save me the work? Another inscription (or perhaps the same). The majority of the conserved inscriptions […]

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Bells with names

19/01/2009 admin 1

Recent interventions in the bell tower have removed all graffiti, antiguos the modern, that could inform on the activities of the ringers and visitors to the room. However, in one of the […]