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Looking Córdoba in Athens

19/01/2010 Manuel Harazem 5

This autocomisionado volunteer Calleja in Greek lands back with something in his saddlebags on his mission to search for probable progressive cordobesidades traveled in concentric circles concentric circle the exansiva circunvaladamente wave alleged […]

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Doors Moorish Rabat-Salé

27/12/2009 Manuel Harazem 12

For many, years (was the year of the Lord of 1977) my friend and fellow student P. and I walked rummaging in the parish archives of Santa Marina with the purpose of mounting descabalado ourselves no prior experience or address […]

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Looking Córdoba in Morocco (II)

16/11/2009 Manuel Harazem 13

As if Borges himself had designed one of his literary delusions, Made, FAS in Arabic, is a city essentially mirror. An apocryphal legend says that the name comes from the inverse reflection of a city that is impossible […]

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Looking Córdoba in Morocco (I)

04/11/2009 Manuel Harazem 11

I try to organize the memories of nearly a month of revisits by land Sherifian empire to try to put together a coherent story about influences or similarities between the two sides of the strait to my friends and first tabernarios […]

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Comando Harazem in Marrakech

23/10/2009 Manuel Harazem 1

On prescription (Dr. Mabuse manda) This street contabernario become itinerant hunting for parts for the MIC command went looking and found in distant Marrakech's famous Cultural Center of leaving CORDOBA document […]