Hydraulic Toys Olive Source

Fuente del Olivo. Patio de los Naranjos, Córdoba

Olive Source. Patio de los Naranjos, Cordova

The Original Toy other hydraulic, eshibe is currently in the windows of the temple museum.

Some months ago, notice it in this tavern the appearance of a hydraulic wit that suddenly erupted in the the , Surprised at the parish thought it was the new multimedia show finally opens next month. Together we were able to put names to that monstrosity, which proved to be a nineteenth-century later hydraulic toy, we could attest that actually photographs of the late nineteenth appears wit said.

But what was my surprise, usually when my dig buzzard (I see football and entertain me in this) I found this delightful photo that Eureka!! I've run into another hydraulic ingenuity from the same source. It is a novelty that comes even to change the criteria of the previous. For if there are two, Like three.

This is especially beautiful, or at least I think so. It is an inverted bell, A mesh, not if wicker or wire, which contains therein several balls (I guess color). These are removed with the force of the water and its natural gravity, they end just above the spout that throws up (very timely photo). Some of these balls are suspended by the jet gracefully hold, to the delight of the patrons as they wait to fill the jars.

Keep in mind two things. This source was the center of activity in neighboring, animated by the movement of water, It was a meeting of the Cordoba especially. The animation is more than justified. Furthermore date: 1880. In these times humanity is discovering the machine, is the time of invention and ingenuity as a vital resource. Who is more and who less inventor or at least be playing. Patent offices fuming, daily mills are recorded in all areas of life. It is also the time of the automata, are fashionable ideas.

And you see that in this environment, There is a character in the Mosque of Cordoba which is also attracted by the mills, and which would not be bad to name and surname. I've been bitten much curiosity in this matter to find that the toy was not an isolated, I'll keep digging and I'll tell.

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  1. December 7, the day, I desplaza from Valencia to Cordoba in tourist plan, and what was my sospresa
    I personally find this contraption works with water pressure.
    Intrento find some level of development or the same mechanism but can not find.
    Would greatly appreciate if you send me that there some reason . I salute you being grateful he compliments her on migo JUAN


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