Technical study of the roof of the Mosque

Theas Islamic masterpieces made by carpenters, about alfarjes, preserved in the Iberian Peninsula, are the roof of the mosque of Cordoba Alhama and the roof of the church of San Millan de Segovia.

The Cordoba roof was studied, as we have noted, by architect Félix Hernández Giménez and partially rebuilt and repositioned by architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco. They based their research on the analysis of the remaining parts of the original roof of the mosque alhama.

We have also investigated these and other parts that previously had no access, being the result of our study the following:

1. Parts that are known seem to belong to one style and one roof, the extension of the al-Hakam II, as if they wanted to emphasize the individual character that has this construction phase of major prayer hall of Córdoba, that really looks like a mosque within a mosque, the, Leopoldo said Torrés Balbás, “a new mosque attached to previous”.

2. This was a roof guttering which provided support beams boards. For drawings of approximately 100 beams studied fragments have divided these into seven models; each model has small differences in size and it seems that every single ship model beam was placed.

3. The drawing of the run table that stood under the support beams mark the board to be placed perpendicular to the table, board was leaning on the beams and consisted of three or four tables assembled half lap.

About these boards were carved others poked, but the rest is not any. This lack of size or atauriques boards this roof has been a great loss for understanding the development of the likes of Muslims wooden boards.

The architect Velázquez Bosco drew up a series of boards with atauriques and placed in the current roof. He left no letter explaining the reason for this decision. Us, by us, consider these at least as certain.

4. Under the roof or alicer a frieze composed of two pieces stood; one of them has an inscription in Arabic with simple traits Kufic. (… +)


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