Cypress Stone

To see the cypress, I recommend you withdraw a little from the screen and your eyes entornes. Abstráete tower and cypress as behind a wall appear. With its branches pointing upward and round fruits. Well groomed but showing its asymmetrical holes where the sky looks. A yes!
To see the cypress, I recommend you withdraw a little from the screen and your eyes entornes. Abstráete tower and cypress as behind a wall appear. With its branches pointing upward and round fruits. Well groomed but showing its asymmetrical holes where the sky looks. A yes!

(the finding of a metaphor)

Mand enjoy the view of the city from the rooftops. Whenever I have the opportunity to upload them to take a cigarette. I stay for a while and contemplative let my view on the Cordoba indicate some brooding landscape. That afternoon Roof, light was leaving in front of me showing me a monumental backlight Mosque and tower, good, do not know if I should say here the Cathedral, because all the profile showing the sky is overwhelmingly Christian.

He walked down my thoughts look square into the street playground Cabezas, in which I was, when distracted by a dizzying swifts, I raised my eyes to the mosque. Suddenly, in mis retinas, an image of cypress and palm impressed in the tower, obscured because of black cypress, is perfectly camouflaged as a vegetable element. As a cypress stone. The more I looked more like a cypress and less a bell tower. Diosmio! if you igualito, gradually waning with that ending sharp detail across the top, with these asymmetrical drilling small holes that let in the sky, with these stylized shots that look like branches of a cypress hairstyle. Ya just saw a cypress.

I could not believe, old tower that had been part of my childhood games, visited with my brothers some Saturday mornings. We paid half way through the peseta or hard of rigor and we spent time going up and down from one terrace to another, Scary hitting the edges of the bells and spotting the magnificent views offered. I also came up with a partner to kiss and hold hands. How could she have taken so many years apercibirme its obvious form of cypress. No wonder he left the. At this point I thought I knew enough about the tower, to have overlooked this. I knew that enveloped the minaret, knew of its author, your financier clergy, their builders who warned of impending ruin just fifteen years after construction. Out, known to date from the terrible and magical summer day, when Christ blessed punishes San Rafael, divine representative of Cordoba, throwing lightning at the foot of the golden effigy. So fulminant, who ended up playing the big bell and leaving all made garavato.

So excited was with rumination that, when it got dark a little more, I decided to approach the tower view, wanted to see his silhouette in more detail. Walking through the streets of the Jewish quarter continued with my thoughts without separating the subject. Good, except when passing through the street of Jerónimo Páez, I always dedicate a blistering remember certain institution. Imaginaba a , the creator of that tower, Córdoba in longhouses and low walls, bounded by palm trees and large cypress, it also wondering, challenged to remodel the old minaret of that impressive forest of columns. Everything in the vegetable spirit oozed Mosque, that immensity of columns that the people called the boque, composed with a beautiful palm blackened when it wanders through them. Also for the first time a separate crossing tower was done in a cathedral. The commission must certainly be a great challenge for the architect, was to build a tower for that amazing building, also, should chair the courtyard garden of orange trees, would be framed by the green of orange, palms and cypresses.

I still had saved my day more gifts. I got these thoughts down the street to the mouth Incarnation in which you can see the tower. Just off the street, my feet were nailed. I arrived at the precise moment. Chance rewarded me with the time and exact location on the map to see the effect. The day went away leaving a trail of light twilight, background that made the silhouette of the tower, even dimly lit by the spotlights. Here and now, cypress was drawn with all the intensity, and behind a wall depicting the northern flank of the Mosque. Everything in the tower building a beautiful and strong cypress. Even at that distance, I could recognize the tops of needle as a somewhat separate branches of the tree strong, further reinforcing representation plant tower. Also, Hernán Ruiz had topped all the spheres of various sizes, giving it the appearance of the fruits of cypress. It could not be much chance, Ruiz almost no doubt, I had to put that intention I saw now, on the purpose of his work. Not usually give as perfect coincidences.

The old town again showed me his powerful magic, as a powerful metaphor. I was standing in the corner for a while, absorbed and concentrated in the fabulous picture of the tower. Soak until the idle apercibí parish estrañada looked me by still and enduring presence, so leave me contemplating my steps and headed back home.

Once back, I thought about my sense of surprise with the recent finding. I felt discoverer of a locked message on the stone during 500 years old. I felt good, I felt intimately important. Now when I neared home, my thoughts had changed course, and began to blame my euphoria to my own ignorance. Surely this land of poets, and chroniclers had described and written this, for me, Cordoba obvious metaphor, what happens is that I had not read.

After dinner and fleeing zapping I retreated to my library, well nourished local issues, and began the search for the metaphor. General opened the first complete anthology of Luis Jiménez Adonais Martos to see if at least, Canticle group had recorded in his works. I found nothing about. I hurgé in texts gongorino Ricardo Molina, to see if he had done on occasion a metaphor with the word and the word cypress tower, but I found no reference. Nor in the voluminous book on The Cathedral of Cordoba Manuel Nieto Fulfilled use or used in any paragraph that metaphor. I looked forward to the internet, Hence to see if there was any trace of mi metaphor. I found some pages that used to describe the towers of the Sagrada Familia. Also to describe a beautiful tower Ampudia Palencia people certainly also seems a cypress. But no sign of the metaphor attached to the tower of Cordoba. I have no more doubt, and unless in the future someone could prove me wrong, I feel the rightful discoverer of this incredible metaphor Hernán Córdoba Ruíz left written in the stones of Córdoba. And for me, along with our palm forest, They are the most impressive performances of all plant's architecture has given us men.

NOTE: The Tower of the Mosque of Cordoba has two closed for decades unintelligible excuses Cabildo, Cordoba and depriving our visitors the best view of the city.


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