The council restored the altar of Our Lady of the Old Cathedral

The council has promoted the restoration of the altarpiece . Yesterday we proceeded to its opening after the jobs have recovered this gem located in one of the chapels attached to the north wall in the space occupied by the old Mosque of Abd al-Raman I. The president of the Cabildo, Manuel Pérez, this procedure demonstrates the “out” with the artistic works of the Cathedral treated and comes to realize a “dream”, since the intention is to restore all chapels, as is being done gradually.

Tourists and art lovers can now enjoy the splendor that surrounds the canvas depicting the Virgin and Child in the left arm and a rose on her right hand on his chest. In fact, yesterday and caught the eye of all who walked beside the chapel lit.

And the architects of work have been Anabel Auger, director of restoration, and his team of Mariló Rodríguez and Maira Morales, who have managed to recover a piece of great value to the Cathedral. Specifically, Canvas author unknown, but the altarpiece is attributed to Pablo de Céspedes. This was said Manuel Nieto Fulfilled, archivist of the Cathedral, which stressed the “a gem” Byzantine style, which can be traced back to 1601.

One hundred percent of the altarpiece was repainted white and green hues and “practically not appreciated”, according Anabel Auger, who said he had suffered a major attack of termites, with what could endanger the stability of the structure. After six months of work, director of restoration is satisfied, and therefore stands in the chapel with exceptional gold that shines the Virgin of Antigua.

Source: Journal Córdoba

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