Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, in the Mosque of Cordoba


The famous Arab musicians orchestra, Israeli and Spanish West-Eastern Divan directed by maestro will open their tour 2010 with two concerts in Andalusia, the first of them next 3 August at the new Infanta Leonor Theatre of Jaén city, and a second the 4 August in the iconic Cathedral-Mosque of Córdoba. Also, tour in Spain will be completed with a concert in Madrid on 5 August.

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra this year commemorates the Bicentennial of the Independence of the Latin American Republics with a tour that, with support from the Government of Spain, Orchestra will take to the Dominican Republic –8 and 9 August–, Venezuela –11 August–, Ecuador –13 August–, Colombia –15 August, and Argentina –18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24 and 25 August–, reported in the Presidential press release. ( … + )

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  1. I do not know, because I can not attend. If you think it is free and free entry to full capacity. Or what is the same: by invitation or through which they have already shared the same. Just to get you hard.
    You can try calling the Grand Theatre to see what they say.

  2. The passage of the West-Eastern Divan by Córdoba resulted in an artistic success and organizational failure. Around 2.200 people attended last Wednesday in craft Mansur Mosque to a concert that deserved a wider and more comfortable space and that the training conducted by Daniel Barenboim performed the Sixth and Seventh symphonies of Beethoven. The veteran director and the young musicians were able to convey to the audience the beauty and conflict that holds the music composer of Bonn.

    A long line of people waiting at the Mosque opening doors, many ignorant that access required prior withdrawal of an invitation from the Andalusian Government Delegation. The process of public input in the temple and occupation of chairs arranged not noted for its agility. A complaining of those who were outside joined those who were no chairs to sit. There was even some looting of those to the press and guests. All this created a sense of chaos aggravated by heat and certain symptoms of organizational confusion that delayed almost 40 minutes the start of the concert. A section of the public turned to palms several times to show his impatience. The same more or less which later turned to applaud enthusiastically after each movement, Despite requests to mute other attendees and gesture some circumstances Barenboim…


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