Roman bas-relief of Meleager and the boar

Inventory: 2750
Object / Document: low relief
Generic Classification: Sculpture
Subject / Support: White marble
Technique: Carving. Carved out
Dimensions / Extension: Diameter = 18 cm; Weight = 1055 Article; Maximum width = 14 cm
Cultural Context / Style: Romano
Iconography: Meleager
Dating: 1=200 (Siglos I – II d.C.)

Description: Tondo white marble circular hole at the top. On one side, bas-relief, It represents one of the last events related to hunting Calydonian boar, when Meleager Atalanta is helped by skinning the beast. La Diosa Artemis mandó un jabalí de enorme fuerza y tamaño que asolaba los campos de Calidón.

Location Production / Issue: unknown
Origin: Priego de Córdoba
Specific Location: source Tójar

Reasoned classification: To end the havoc that caused the terrible beast, They gather to hunt the best heroes of Greece, among themselves, Castor, Polux, Theseus, Jason and so forty. In Atalanta Hunting is the first to reach with their arrows the boar, it was she who invented the winged beasts death according Opiano, but who he gives death Meleagro. However jacket promises to give the skin and mouth with large tusks as a trophy. That brings the anger and the wrath of his teammates will end triggering the death of Meleager. Originally the oscillum is an element sagrado.Virgilio Geórgicas speaks of the ranges as objects that sway gently in the branches of pine trees during the festival of Bacchus. The oscillum could be the same effigy of the god or could be the heads of the victims sacrificed in his honor. In any case always they appear together the cult of Bacchus and field. After, these pieces are intended to be hung between the columns of the atrium, the peristyle or the garden of a house, with a purely decorative purposes, though not without symbolic value. Being hung supposed to both sides could be carved. The ranges are mainly associated with Dionysian thiasos and marine animals, Roman most of these pieces have these motifs.

Location: National Archaeological Museum. Madrid

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