Averroes (1126-1206)

AVERROES (Ibn Rushd), philosopher and physician, surnamed the Commentator because it was the first to translate Aristotle into Arabic and commented. He was born in Córdoba in the century 12 of an illustrious family, and became famous both for his virtue as his knowledge. Almanzor, Moroccan king gave him the job of a judge of that city and all the Mauritania, but he made the judiciary its sub ejerciesen not leave Córdoba. Acusáronle his rivals to Almanzor of heresy in Mohammedanism, Prince and convinced that it was forced to withdraw at the door of the mosque, escupiesen sending him in the face all those entering that temple. He died in the year 1206, Judge still being.

He cultivated poetry in his youth, and even made love verses ; but burned all his compositions when he arrived at old age. Denunciáronle a doctor Hebrew Cordoba, philosopher, physician and astrologer, as a lecherous poet, and rebuked him publicly threatening with punishment; but having known after its ban did not repress the muse of Hebrew and publicly recited his verses in Cordoba, chase stopped saying: How can a hand tape thousand mouths? Historians of philosophy have put him at the head of the Arab philosophers, because of its subtlety and penetration. His translation of Aristotle, but unfaithful, was transferred into Latin and long we have not had more than this, though very inaccurate and made over another in Arabic even more wrong: Spaniards took to France and from there spread throughout Europe. We also have to these works: De natura orbis. De re medica. De theriaca, etc..

Averroes and his disciples called with horrible blasphemy Religion Christianity impossible, because of the mystery of the Eucharist, and claimed to be the Hebrews a religion for boys, because of the many legal precepts and observances : be added that philosopher of the Mohammedan religion as dedicated to the pleasures of the senses, a religion of pigs, and finally exclaimed: “Moriatur anima said marte philosophorun!”. Attended this, should not seem strange that this doctrine holding him he spit in the face to the door of the mosque in Morocco. It is said that in his youth, misdeeds committed attempt to make people believe that their customs were against criticism that may or arrived i make their works. No doubt he regretted it later, because in some verses addressing God, says: “birth why you have not given me a mature age”. His commentary on Aristotle was printed in Yenecia in 1495 Folio. The collection of his works is entitled : “Collectaneorum re medica, Sectiones tres“. The Lion edited in France, in 1557, and Venice in 1522 Folio, are much more prized than the latter city 1590 equal size.

Source: Historical Dictionary or universal biography. Tomo II. Barcelona 1830.

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