Al-QANTARA has begun the process of incorporating historical content in electronic

Al-Qantara MagazineLovers of culture of al-Andalus and buildings as our Mosque of Cordoba are in luck. Over the coming months, available, Full text and unrestricted access, the
all scientific papers and other papers published in the journal from 1980, year of its creation, and its predecessor Al-Andalus (1933-1978).
Through this initiative, Al-Qantara and Publications Department CSIC hope to contribute to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge in all its facets.
At this point you can check the content published during the period 2001-2005:

Al-denary balance began publication in 1980, as a continuation of Al-Andalus (1933-1978). Al-QANTARA is dedicated to classical Islamic civilization (until the seventeenth century included) with special attention to Islamic West. It is published in the form of two annual installments each 250 pages each. A monographic section appears in the second issue of each year. The journal invites contributions for only monographic sections.

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