Las vigas expoliadas

The beams Mosque of Cordoba have written a “open case“in the recent history of the city recently come to auction at Christie's Room, five of them finally sold 1,5 million. This has meant a real shame for the city which represents the theft and subsequent loss of this important heritage. Competent authorities, (Junta de Andalucia, Ministry of Culture) and building managers (Cathedral Chapter) have not yet clarified from which the beams that were part of the roofing, or whoever strayed.

“The beams forgotten in the carpenter's shop after which the track is lost”.

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  1. Sr. Ruiz.

    I appreciate this beautiful, and necessary, publication. Personally I like to know what sources can find information and illustrations on the decorative motifs that appear in the beams of the Mosque of Cordoba (you have already made a reproduction of the decorative frame beams, apart from the photos attached). Could you help me about it?

    Thanking your attention, I send a cordial greeting.


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