Three manuscripts in the Library of Al-Hakam II preserved in Fez

Una auténtica capital cultural. From what is now understood by Europe and around the West known. No nominations, without media awards, sin marketing, without sponsors, without commercial interests, without dark bureaucratic decisions of corrupt politicians. So presented the tenth century Córdoba own right among the cities of the world. As shown, the extraordinary library of Al-Hakam II, their 400.000 volumes, with his clerks who cared for writing, with artists who came from the civilized East. A real cultural center of primer order, extraordinary refinement.

But as happened in other sites of Knowledge, as the Library of Alexandria, weapons, fire, fundamentalisms, the desire for power, destroyed everything leaving only the testimony of the chroniclers of the time… and some scrolls happily preserved. As shown below, conservados en la Biblioteca Al-Qarawiyyin de Fez:

Manuscritos procedentes de la Biblioteca de Al-Hakam II. Al-Qarawiyyin Library, Made. These images are copyright owned by page / muestrafotostitulos.php?order = LIBRARY% 20AL-Qarawiyyin&table = Keys

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Map of Al-Andalus to Cordoba in the center circle, above the Atlantic and the Mediterranean below. And. Karmal. Monumenta Cartographica.
Map of Al-Andalus to Cordoba in the center circle, above the Atlantic and the Mediterranean below. And. Karmal. Monumenta Cartographica.
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  1. Excellent, this reminds me funds Mahmud Kati Foundation. This text contains many Cordoba and has a history film really. In case deserves sole several post, but for starters try to locate the two Korans Cordoba.

    The Koran is one of the three that remain of the Almohad period. Dated this 13 November 1198, the 595 of the Hegira, coincides with the completion of the Giralda and the death of Averroes. The other two Korans Almohads saw the light in Cordoba and Valencia and kept, respectively, Istanbul and Cairo. The cover is designed with Moorish motifs and had a gold leaf emblem in the center of the cover. Written mostly in Kufic Almohad, presents several pages in italics Andalusian, being one of the first manuscript showing this kind of handwriting. We are facing a real gem for booklovers, a manuscript made with precious materials of the time was drawn by hands that few could afford.

  2. Precisely on my recent trip to Cairo I met again with the kick in the teeth of the Museum of Islamic Art is closed. 15 years!!! I was hoping to find something about Cordoba.

    In Cairo memory persists only Maimonides in the Ben Ezra Synagogue, in which the prohibition of photos is almost pathological. But is the Geniza…, if someone wants to investigate. And… At the synagogue in Djerba Ghariba…

    • The next time you go to Cairo, Manuel, to see if I make a photo güenas güenas Bawit the pilaster Coptic and other parts that look like what I think is the mihrab of the mosque monolithic… at, Roll up. I'm almost certain that here was Egyptian craftsmen during the early stages of the emirate and you are almost certainly descended from them, so you strip the soil, clear.

  3. Viewing, someone who knows Arabic, on the map where naturally ranks Córdoba rightful (center of the global world), What city is the one that appears at the western end of the Peninsula (up) Also highlighted in red? Out of curiosity Namás.

  4. Harazem sabe árabe y Zaytuna tb, give them time and as soon as you stick out response.

  5. Good, Forgive my tardiness. I've taken a look at the map. It is difficult to read as it is difficult to read the medieval Castilian. I also am not an expert in Arabic manuscripts. Half of the characters in the words lack diacritical points and I also noticed many misspellings in the words I recognized what can debrese it comes to place names or copyist failure. Then I noticed the reference name, And. Karmal, clearly denoting Turkish origin. That might explain.

    I have not been able to read all the words. About half as sólo.De which I recognized I have read some places and others who do not know.

    Among those who know are:

    Malaga, Gibraltar, Sidonia, Merida Murcia, Valencia, Algeciras, Sicily, Majorca, Cairouan, Silyimasa (in Mali), Toledo, Tarazona, Gafiq (Belalcázar), Sicily (in the red medallion down into the sea, France. There are also two areas marked as Christian Country, a (Bilad al rum = country of Christians and other Bilad kanat to rum (country was Christian). There could be other Seville and Jerez.

    Of those who do not know:
    Uadi Alhamra (Red River), Djebal al Hilal (Mount of Moon), Shatif (Africa), Bilad Miknasa (perhaps Mequinenza?), Miknasa being the name of a tribe bebereber (Meknes).

    The gold medallions in the corners refer to the cardinal points (sharq, gharb, shimal (north) y djanub (about). And the margin title above says: Surat al gharb = Picture of western. As the Atlantic seem to put Bahr al Mudik (Strait sea), but I see it.

    At the very bottom in the left margin there is a strange entry that says: Mallorca is a city.

    Good, not bad right? As for placing the names in Castilian, Tabernero good because when I say I'm saying the names I've read.

  6. I've learned: BAHR AL MUHIT, meaning Muhít océano. Ocean Sea, Look for not falling for that! Ayer command an email to a professor friend of Arab. He called me and I confirmed all the words that I read, all doubts and corrected me about the sea. The problem is that the letters are ornaments deform creating confusion in who is not, as I, attentive.

    As for the curiosity of David I'm afraid I will not be able (or my friend) oblige. The name that comes under the red circle is to the west of Cordoba is unreadable, because it lacks some diacritical points and not look like any big name that we know in this area. Instead the name which is inclined to the left of the red dot that names a walled city of the coast could be Ishbilia, but also lacks diacritics and “the” writing if any has not done excel the author or the copyist.

    • For me drawing gigs. When you take notice and see to put the toponymic.
      He knew that the rag entrarías. 🙂

  7. I'm not commenting on anything, but I am absolutely a-lu-ci-na-tion. I could not imagine that things stay how are you, manuscripts about totally misplaced me, and tataratatarabuelo map of Piri Reis is wonderful… I can not keep to enjoy everything you are hanging.

  8. Door Friend, if for one second could become suspicious of what size shadow box handle all the treasures Count Cordovan fit that are scattered around the world in museums you would fall back. If you could get the same thing but suspect that is in private hands probably you stand up and you would become Caliph Total Recall Sacked, with your mask and all.

  9. I've been absolutely hooked on the map in question. I had no idea that such a thing could exist: is great. And no less than contertulio Manuel Harazem, that has left me flabbergasted with his explanation of the map.

    I can not even open my mouth here because this is beyond my mental capacity, so just thank you for the information, starting with Mr.. By Mabuse “hitting” in the subject.

    I'll change my name to wonder, because, after your work, Ben-Saprut the truth is going to rise from the grave one day and I will give a thousand pairs capon eggs was his fav… for not living up.

    • Manuel is a bottomless pit, I am left with the template admired Ben, is incredible, each in its issue, that make you fall into a cultural depression after another. Happens to me what you, hardly a day I do not think what am I doing in the meantime scholar?

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