On measures of the Mosque

Spanish Art Archive, Flight 81, Not 324 (2008):333-356
II. Mosque of Cordoba. ‘Abd al-Raḥmān I (169/785-786). The proportional layout of the plan and elevation of the arches of the oratorio. The mihrab and qibla eighth century
Antonio Fernández Doors

The floor of the mosque of the eighth century was a square divided into two equal rectangular areas, the courtyard and the oratorio. The latter alarife divided into two squares and took opposite sides of each a E. y O. such as radios and, are crosslinked to, got the width of the nave. Distributed into five equal parts the remaining area of ​​each square and scored the width of the aisles. To find the location of the columns could be used two systems, or a rectangular grid or a rhomboid grid. Known centers of the axes of the columns, plotted the elevation of the arcades and armor squad through (=√2), cartabón (=√4) and lower corner. The qibla wall was run in the 11 spacecraft and hosted the mihrab niche.

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  1. Please note that there may be a plan of the mosque before the Christian intervention:

    And it is precisely the study of Islamic Granada and Cordoba antique one of the companies of this era significactivas, though initiated in 1761 according to the documents listed above, the publication of Arab Antiquities Spain. Part Two, containing Arabic signs left in the Alhambra Palace and some of the City of Córdoba. Published by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and interpreted and explained his agreement of Don Pablo Lozano, Librarian of S.M. and academic honor her. Madrid: Royal Printing, 1804. Monumental and beautiful for the quality of their recorded work and certainly the first corpus of Andalusian Islamic inscriptions published in Spain. Contains the first part, plus entries, floor plans and
    section of the monuments of the Alhambra and Córdoba cathedral that had been raised years ago by Juan de Villanueva and Pedro Arnal, under the direction of José de Hermosilla.

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