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  1. This book is interesting to reference a gallery of the Mosque.

    Catalogue of the paintings in the Cathedral of Cordoba
    Volume 21 Andalusian Themes Collection
    Author Raya Raya, María Angeles
    Illustrated edition
    Publications Editor Monte de Piedad and Savings Bank of Córdoba, 1988
    ISBN 847580490X, 9788475804903
    No. of sites 120 pages

  2. These seem to be the most reliable sources on the biography of these characters:

    Annals of the emirs of Córdoba Alhaquen I and Abderrahman II

    * Hayyán b. Jalaf Ibn Hayyan
    * Royal Academy of History
    * 220 pages
    * Language: Spanish
    * ISBN: 8489512450 ISBN-13: 9788489512450

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