French Painters

Theas oldest temple images provide us today the old prints of romantic travelers. Before this time the graphic references are excasísimas Mosque. To evoke is searching through the engravings made by these same travelers North Africa. A long ordered list of these traveling artists, can be found in “Spanish Art of the Enlightenment and of the century ” written by José Enrique García Melero. You can partially see in Google Book

Leon Bonnat (1833 – 1922)
Young woman doing charity at the entrance to the chapel of San Sebastian hospital in Cordoba, 1863
Oil on canvas 1,10 x 1,34
Castres, Museum of Fine Arts

Adrien Dauzats
(1804 – 1868)
Interior of the Mosque of Cordoba
Oil on wood glued against 0,62 x 0,46

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