Pile (the bucket) de 'Abd al-Malik

Cubeta de Abd al-Malik. Museo Dâr si Sa‘îd, Marrakech.
Cubeta de 'Abd al-Malik. Museo Dâr si Sa‘îd, Marrakech.

Pile (the bucket) de 'Abd al-Malik.
Museo Dâr si Sa‘îd, Marrakech.

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Holding: Museo Dâr si Sa‘îd, Marrakech.
Dimensions: 70 cm (high); 155 (width); 50 (background).
Materials and techniques: Marble carving.
Dating: 1002/1007 d.C.
Place of production:

This stack is sculpted in a workshop of stonecutters of Madinat al-Zahira (Cordova), palatial city built by al-Mansur. Ali Ibn Yusuf's moved to Marrakech to place it in the room of his Mosque ablutions.

Cubeta de Abd al-Malik. Museo Dâr si Sa‘îd, Marrakech

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