Shenever I was surprised how little and planimetric mapping information was available from the Mosque. He had asked around here and yon to see if there was something of higher quality. So now I'm surprised it took so long to find them, when they are within reach of everyone.
The Ministry of Culture, through Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain tiene en la red una impresionante colección de planos de monumentos de toda España, and of course the Mosque. A real gem that contains more than 20 High resolution plans that include elevations of the four faces of the Mosque, building and plant cuts both temple and the courtyard of the orange. Always made less as, more informative treatment of the tower and still looking like a grail, a cross section of the same.
Below, enjoy it!
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    Book The plan of the church in Seville’, Begoña Alonso Ruiz and Alfonso Jiménez Martín, collects research “inexhaustible” a copy of the oldest building of the Cathedral of Seville, found in the convent of Bidaurreta in Oñate (Guipúzcoa), where he arrived in 1509 from the hand of Juan Lopez de Lazarraga, that would be in his power since December 1499, when commissioned by the Catholic Monarchs held in the chapel of the former Seville cathedral church of a meeting the courts of Castile.

    … Copying reflects some strokes that make complete, Alfonso Jiménez explained, that “Royal Chapel was lower than the current and even the original route of the old Arab temple”. The passage of time has added modifications to the present appearance. Similarly, the Giralda was “sentenced to death” in the original planning of the cathedral temple, as corroborated their current situation inside a chapel, whose nerves are not finalized architectural.

    HERE the plane of the Cathedral of Seville in its present:

  2. I can not believe Luis, But do you not know what the book “The Mosque of Cordoba : plans and drawings” Carlos Luca de Tena? to see if we speak, to see if we speak…

  3. Llego 6/7 años tarde a esta entrada… estoy buscando dichos planos en la web del MECD pero no doy con ellos, ¿sabrías decirme el link directo o bajo que categoría podría encontrarlos?

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