The builders of the Mihrab

Andenrollment sta , realizes its constructor. I have to locate where you are and photograph. Or someone knows and can save me the work?

Another inscription (or perhaps the same).
Most entries correspond to conserved ordinate works in century by the caliphs' Abd al-Rahman III, reinforcing the courtyard facade of the Oratory, y al-Hakam II, which expanded the mosque. Most interesting are those in mosaic in the central dome of the macsura and on the facades of the mihrab, Sabbath door and the treasure house.
Others are carved in stone or painted and included in the nave, archery in parallel to the qibla wall, inside the mihrab or exterior doors.

Walking cite the socket inside the mihrab:

"In the name of God, the Merciful, Merciful. Guard the prayers and be with devotion to God! El Iman al-Mustansir bi-Llah, Servant of God, Sahaba, Prince of Believers, God will benefit!, sent, with God's help, erect this marble mihrab and clothe, longing abundant reward and excellent resting place in the afterlife. And that was completed under the direction of his freedman and chamberlain Ja'far ibn 'Abd al-Rahman, God be pleased with him!, with inspection of Muhammad ibn Tamlij, Ahmad ibn Nasr y Jald ibn Hashim, police chiefs, and Mutarrif ibn 'Abd al-Rahman, Secretary, his servants, Moon in du-l-Hijjah 354 (December 965). Who submits to God and does good grips the firmest handle. The end of everything is God ".

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