La maqueta más grande y completa de la Mezquita

Tengo pocos datos sobre esta maqueta, se que el autor se llama Jorge Brunet, del que la red dice que es un profesional de la maqueta y el belén, lo cual queda más que claro viendo las fotografías. Parece ser que esta se hizo para una exposición con el nombre de «año 100» no se más. Igual pertenece a la serie Las Edades del Hombre, seguiré investigando. Ahí ven las fotos para que alucinéis.


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  1. Had the great fortune of assisting Jordi in this endeavor. The amount of passion and care he put into the project was simply breathtaking. I spent several months in 1989-90 learning and sculpting the wooden screens above the arches.

    Mind you, most of it all came out of rough, large wooden «chopo» timber, carefully selected, seasoned and transformed in the workshop located just beneath his apartment in Marqués de Vadillo in Madrid; supporting a delicate plaster and handpainted work (each column was painstakingly painted according to available historic pictures and references). The suspended structure and modular design were truly beautiful.

    He wasn’t shy of materiality. Another extraordinary job in which I had the privilege to assist with, was the massive acrylic, cork and plush model for the highway system for the Bilbao region.

    Jordi, a true artist of model making, not only contributed important pieces to the ONCE museum, but was early in his career the model maker of the likes of Coderch and other influential architects.

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