La Chiquita Piconera de Ron B. Kitaj

Ron B. Kitaj: Barceloneta, 1979. Litografía (78,8 x 56,6 cm)
: Barceloneta, 1979. Lithography (78,8 x 56,6 cm)

Ronald Brooks Kitaj (Cleveland, 1932 / California 2007) began to hear about your mother Spain, friend of the brigade that fought with the Republican side in the Civil War. In 1957 visited Sant Feliu, on the Costa Brava, and began a relationship with Spanish culture that lasted for 20 years old.

Kitaj had begun living our language, legendary in his time (1949-1954) Sailor, of sixteen and older, on a Norwegian freighter, freighter among others led him to the Caribbean, one Caribbean first readings associated with systematic, and with their first sexual experiences, who had at Chinatowns scenario, red lights in streets of that area, thing is clear in his paintings autobiographical 1990 The First Time (Havana, 1949) y The Second Times (Veracruz, 1950) A Tale of the Maritime Boulevards, around which gives more clues in his interesting book with prints of Kitaj Julian Rios (The novel painted) (1989)

In 1951 first traveled to Europe and 1953 Spain met later to settle in London. His stay in England led him to become one of the key artists of the English pop movement, with his great friend David Hockney.

Ron B. Kitaj: La Pasionaria, 1969. Óleo sobre lienzo, 42,5 x 31,8 cm.
Ron B. Kitaj: The Passion, 1969. Oil on canvas, 42,5 x 31,8 cm.

A striking obsession with certain issues Kitaj Spanish. Kitaj if fija in Raymond Lulio, and the world Sephardic, and San Juan de la Cruz, and Goya's whim, and Land Without Bread and Belle de jour, Buñuel, and Picasso ... His interest in Spanish also brings to our city, through its universal painter. Lithography "Barceloneta" (1979) -Inspired by a prostitute Barcelona, and a picture archifamoso Julio Romero de Torres, painter who feels great devotion.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao he spent in 2004 a rare exhibitions in Spain, which brought almost all Hispanic-themed boxes.

Kitaj pone numbers to Pop británico
In the early sixties, of pintor Kitaj much of numbers of "London School"A conjunto artists, everyone working in the British capital and claim all the practice of figurative painting. Below about artists (Tony Bevan) affiliation shall be entered in this pictorial. Bacon puts his figuration halfway between abstraction and representation. His work evolves Series ( Potato, heads, etc ...) More specifically fixed in a subject, by nature, resists pictorial art: the human body. For his pictorial expression the artist represents more man in his human condition in their fitness. The body is isolated in a space, subjected to the torture of constant metamorphosis. Bacon's art is in some way the record of man's helplessness against the pain while the drives that keep you enslaved.

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