Abbas Ibn Firnas and the first flight of History

Pimer flight in history.

Abbas ibn Firnás Fué según palabras del arabista Philip Hittien his book History of the Arabsthe first man in history to make a scientific attempt at flying“.

In a first attempt, Year 852, Believed to be pulled from the minaret La Mezquita, although others believe that the fall observed watching other cordobes. sta fall that was buffered only a great canvas he had serious injuries.

Later in the year 875 and when they had the elderly 65 years old, a suit of silk was built when this material is not practically unknown in Al-Andalus which he glued feathers raptor jumped from the top of the tower Rusafa -the palace built by Abdurrahman I garden in the foothills of the Sierra cordobesa-, for nearly a hundred feet high, and got to plan for about ten seconds until it fell, although no serious consequences. We have the record of his achievement since convened a multitude of Cordoba who observed the flight co disbelief.

Ibn Firnás, It was definitely one of the most remote aviation pioneers where known, aeronautical designs made with six hundred and fifty years before the Florentine artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) plasmara the first attempt to study aerodynamic, which appears in the On the Flight of Birds (“On the flight of birds”), written around 1505 .

It is an admired figure in the Arab world, dfonde, in honor of their flight attempts, has made him a statue in the Baghdad International Airport, stamps, Ronda has given its name to an observatory, as well as a Crater of the Moon.

Córdoba is about to open a Firnas bridge that links the two banks of Guadalquivir two large arches that evoke wings as I build this great cordobes.


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