Velázquez Bosco epigraphic Fakes

SObre interventions Velazquez Bosco in the Mosque has written something, never enough, Speaking of one of peormente studied monuments of Spain, in the treaties that deal with the most important historical and artistic building of Cordoba. Regarding the relevance and rigor with which those restorations performed (1904) opinion is divided, from those who understand that archaeological intervention criteria have changed substantially since the beginning of s. hitherto, what exonerate the famed architect of the restoration charge excessive that make people view even exceeded the time limit permitted, reaching the works, by its free, the degree of forgery of archaeological. Nor are unanimous opinions about whether the restoration was done on a strictly scientific as noted HERE or restorative fantasy outweighed reason. The Arabist Manuel Ocaña always placed on the second side, that of those who believe that were far exceeded and irresponsibly in restoration-recreation in many parts of the Mosque, mainly on the exterior. And even if considered a mere anecdote was the discoverer of a blatant forgery with the aggravation of willful alteration of the primitive state of the absolutely unjustifiable. The interesting point of view is that this detail Ocaña provides a clue to prosecute the work done by Don Ricardo on the monument and value with equity.

Although the studies performed texts mid 50 last century not published until 1976 an article that appeared in the journal Corduba, (The Arabic inscriptions of the Mosque of Cordoba in contemporary times. In: Corduba / Provincial Archaeological Museum. — Cordova : Provincial, Service Publications . — N. 3, flight. I, fasc. 3 (1976), p. 153-161) in which even gives some explanations of the causes of the delay, a strange problem among scholars.

This is a counterfeit of the spirit of the original, otherwise lost, inscribed in Kufic calligraphy in florida friezes two doors for him restored to the western facade of the Mosque.

If you had the original texts have some Koranic sura as was proper or, more interestingly, with a commemorative text of its construction in time alHakam II, Velázquez Bosco chose to place a text concerning the reconstruction own, in which the verses were altered Fatiha (root-p-h f = open) the first sura of the Qur'an: b-ism Allah al-Rahman al-Rahim (in the name of Allah, Clement, the merciful) by Christian formula persignación: b-ism al-Ab and Ibn al-u-al-Ruh al-Qudús (in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit), modeled on the specially made Christian catechisms to convert Muslims. To then continue with a delirious transcription to Arab commemorative text, King Arabized names, line ministers and his own, architect Velasquez Bosco.

Ocaña praises the work of the texts carved, work of the same hands that carved the whole, the brothers Inurria, although he notes that the assessment of the master at work started no consideration about the inappropriateness of the same, allowing a sharp dig at launch also Arabist Rafael Martinez Castejón and Arizala who took time to say a classic text (The Great Mosque of Cordoba, Everest 1971) restorations even exceeded the original.

The Ocaña himself in his article is to present a complete Arabic translation (with diacritical points) friezes, with translations, detecting some spelling names wrong and transcripts. So at the start write bism Lab, instead of Al-Ab Bismi (in the name of the Father) and uLabn instead of ualIbn (and Son).

Both doors are in the western wall of the mosque. The first is located between San Miguel and Palacio and is the fourth starting gate Sabbath being known as Gate of the Holy Spirit.



View of the Upper Gate of the Holy Spirit and detail of the frieze. The text says: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit sent the son of King Alfonso Alfonso-Allah help you and give you victory- Minister Rodríguez San Pedro Justino restoration.

Bottom of the door containing Espítiru Santo on the spandrels of the arch below the top text: Facade of the door and stood under the direction of architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco and was finished with the help of Allah in year four and nine of Jesus.

The other door is the penultimate Western Wall, which is just before the Sabbath Door.


Upper part and detail of the frieze of the second cover. Text, Heavily damaged, said: In the name of Allah sent the Holy son of King Alfonso Alfonso-Allah help you and give you victory- Minister Lorenzo Domínguez Pascual restoration of the facade of this. The photo in black and white made in unspecified date Manuel Ocaña, although probably corresponds to the years 70 and less deterioration of her epigraphic piece warns that having now. The Ocaña himself says that if he could read it in the middle of the 5th when it was studied because it was still full.


Detail baseboards of the second cover. Deplegado text continues on the upper: door and stood under the direction of architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco and was completed with the help of Allah in the year four hundred thousand of the Messiah.

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