The plane of Cordoba in the tenth century

A book, I can not remember which but I'll look, I took this shot of the city in times Caliphate. It could be a good basis for further work including certain data then city.

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  1. Yet others are strange historical heritage looting that these lands continue to suffer:

    The first provision is known in Spain on the archaeological heritage, referimos us the Certificate of Real 6 July 1803 which approves and enjoins on the Instruction made by the Royal Academy of History on how to collect and preserve ancient monuments discovered or to be discovered in the United, which was formed to drive the then Secretary of State of Charles IV, Mariano Luis de Urquijo 4, by individuals who composed the Board of Antiquities. Although paradoxical that although the century begins with this important provision, the lack of legislation was a factor that has been instrumental in our archeology until well into the twentieth century.

  2. Very good night,

    Could you to tell me specifically what is the book that brought this plane is, publishing what and who is the author?
    Thank you.

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