The mihrab and the attacks of 11-S

Pues yes, if that will surprise you, but the proportions of the horseshoe arch of the mihrab seems to be the pattern of the memorial that is rising in place Philadelphia State where the flight crashed This image so certify. Although I have not yet delved into the relevance of this issue, it seems that the controversy is about the direction that this monumental monument has in the direction of Mecca. This has raised hackles in the US public, you see in the monument, veiled homage to Islamic terrorists, which has brought an investigation by the Department of Interior Philadelphia State.
Some say it does not point to Mecca and some say yes, the fact is that its shape is a horseshoe arch whose perimeter is exactly equal to the main arc of the Mosque of Cordoba, Have you already coincidence?, I will continue investigating this matter to find out more about its construction, architect, its funder and everything that could be interesting in this stunning news.

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