Pile (the bucket) Al-Mansur from Medina Al-Zahira

Certainly comes from Madinat al-Zahira. We accordingly to some of the rare examples that still hidden city of Al-Mansur bequeathed to future. This is in the National Archaeological Museum

Pile (the bucket) the Al-Mansur. National Archaeological Museum, Madrid.
Pile (the bucket) the Al-Mansur. National Archaeological Museum, Madrid.

Object Name: Pile (the bucket) the Al-Mansur.

Inventory Listing

Holding: National Archaeological Museum, Madrid.
Stock No.: 50428.
Dimensions: 66 cm (high); 150 (width); 77 (background).
Materials and techniques: Marble carving.
Dating: 377 H. /988 d.C.
Place of production: Madinat al-Zahira.

More information

Description of item.

The pile of Medina al-Zahira is an example of iconography, with unique front, of the three consevan, in this respect. On some eagles with wings explayadas rely on their upper ends lions facing two separate. The claws of birds and deer caught in the set are two faced taps. Encuntran similar iconography in other two batteries ( 1 and 2 ) attributed to this time and place. The right side only conserved epigraphic band, under which framing mode runs another with ducks and fish (reference to the abundance) lion and other raiding by a deer rump, with scrolls and birds background, plus a remainder of the frame side. The opposite side shows three trefoil arches framed by respective alfices decorated with scrolls in the spandrels. In the arches is a clear distinction of segments bicolor, suggesting the central arch and a pointing. The four shafts are arranged symmetrically: of them ends with decorative zigzag, possibly alluding to water, while both have central issue “cord of eternity”. The shafts support capitals on which rest on corbels aliceres that top lobed. Interiors are emptied, as if there had been any inscription or never added or lost.

Registration in what has been restored says: “… Almanzor Abi Amir Muhammad ben Abi Amir y prospérele Dios (Namely) than they do to the Alcazar sent al-Zahira and was completed with the help of God and good support under the direction of the great Fatah amiri in year seven, seventy-three hundred” (987-988 d. C.)

Added by The Innkeeper.
Source : National Archaeological Museum. General Guide. Second Edition. Madrid 1996.

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  1. Man! the famous Mansur ablutions stack, and was longing for. It's great truth,worthy of being in that expensive edficio government is doing in Medina Azahara, certainly an excellent excuse to visit. Certainly, transpaso unknown to me as if they are transferring, competencies on heritage and museums to autonosuyas.

    Mabuse, there is another pool with the same name in the palace of Charles V in Granada:


    Maybe you could expand the post and add or perhaps a new post since it has different location.
    If I do want.

    • Nothing said, I saw the photo as I went to the easy, later when I've read I've noticed that the register.

    • fuck! stepped in, next time I'll take more time (is that I have a spirit of contestant 123 🙂

  2. I wonder if maybe it would be good to separate each piece into a post, in order to, in the future, to make multiple classification of documents. For example: classification would be interesting to see them rather than by location.

  3. That was my idea at first. Piece by piece. We no longer than fifteen post on this idea, but in reality we have referred, least, double or triple room. An extraordinary possibility would tag images, as can be done via flickr, at the exact location where they are and create an image of the world with all of them so that in your location clicarlas basic data appear the same. This sounds like science fiction, but it is an idea that you do not know how you could implement.

    At any rate, do themed items is not without interest. I have searched the net this issue and I have not found any link that unites the three batteries to which this refers. But it's true, systematization is lost.

    • Not only is not science fiction but it is relatively easy to produce. I can do, I have the knowledge to do so, however, possible does not mean that their output does not carry a looong time, I now I can not schedule if not remunerating work hours. Exceeds reasonable time to be a fun.
      Anyway there is the idea, for now I'd settle for that we could develop 300 post as estos 15, which I'm sure we're going to get and not very long-term.

  4. Good, Doctor, I changed your post as mentioned this on pools of Medina al-Zahira. I have divided into three as they are all of a very powerful entity.
    I did this because we talked about here that right and would also be adding information to the cards as far as possible. I have found in the catalog of the museum is great descripición of Leg, and have transcribed your post. I hope the amount you, of course not I have to tell you that you can edit the post and adjust anytime.
    To the extent that I'll be doing the same with other post that concentrate several pieces of great interest.
    A greeting and… read more interesting things 🙂

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