Cordes-sur-Ciel, petite Cordoba

There is a small town nestled in the French region of Languedoc current, specifically in the region of Albi, not far from the mythical river Tarn and the Franco-Spanish Pyrenean border, whose name we may be familar. The town, Originally a Bastide (fortified city) founded in 1222, has a well called Cordes, from 1993 Cordes-sur-Ciel.

Cordes-sur-Ciel, overview
Cordes-sur-Ciel, overview

You might think that it forced the derivation of the name Cordoba to Cordes, but there is every reason to reach a conclusion in principle as risky. To do this we must review, first, the history of a region that for most of the Middle Ages had substantial autonomy from the rest of France. The history of houses or fortified cities of the region dates back to the thirteenth and fourteenth, following the tragic episode of the repression carried out by the Crusader armies against the Cathars, ultimate heresy that took root in the Languedoc so often Cathar and Albigensian usually taken as synonymous terms.

The earliest urban foundations, true defensive points Cathars, were sponsored under the control of Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse: Villeneuve-la-Vieille (1212), Ropes (1222), Castelnau-de-Montmiral (1222), Rouairoux (1224) y Lisle-sur-Tarn (1229-1230). These houses attest to a conscious urban planning, adapted to the slopes of the steepest points, chosen precisely because of their inaccessibility and naturally defensive. Them, Mr. Noble provided or security, but also new cities or "free cities", namely, tax free, facilitating the social improvement of its new settlers.

After the Crusade recovered Tarn, participant in a general economic boom, and that, and the embroidery, led to the creation of new houses: Lisle-sur-Tarn (1229), Villefranche d'Albigeois, founded in 1239 by the nephew of Simon de Montfort, St inc (1247), Labessiere-Candeil (1255), Florentin (1260), the fortified town of Réalmont (1272), Valencia and Cadiz (1279), Briatexte (1290), Pampelonne (1290)Thereafter ..., architectural and urban phenomenon extended far beyond the confines of the Tarn region, throughout the Southwest of France.

Cordes-sur-Ciel, overview
Cordes-sur-Ciel, overview

Are clear and this at the moment the obvious connections between toponymic houses Tarn and certain Hispanic cities: Valencia, Cadiz, Pamplona ... Cordoba. Some web of the French town gives as valid such a link, proposing, yes, mythical connections somewhat stereotyped character:

“Several hypotheses have been advanced, but most likely the name was a loan to the Spanish city of Cordoba, of Cordoue (Córdoba in Spanish) that in the twelfth century was a city of lights, where the spirit reigned dramatically tolerance, welcoming all ideas, all sciences and all theologies.

But back to Cordes and history. Cordes has earned the principles of Córdoba, her older sister, because since its foundation walls between people of different backgrounds coexist and, above all, of different religions. Cathars and Catholics live in harmony. Also, when the time of persecution, Cordes Catholics demonstrated extraordinary solidarity towards their brothers martyrs (Cathars)”.

Cordes-sur-Ciel, townscape
Cordes-sur-Ciel, townscape

But if you still, Dear Reader reader, not satisfied or satisfied of so clear relationship, allow me to show another accurate data, this time of a strictly philological should establish further the already strong relations between our locations. 'Ropes’ in French translates to 'string', them and footwear in general and was engaged by hand much of its population, being still nowadays sign of their identity. But if anything has triumphed precisely Córdoba in French culture has been for their hides (Leather) and, as articles derived therefrom, by his shoes. In fact, French ancient 'Zapatero' was mentioned as 'cordounier' (of Cordoue, Cordova), deriving such a term to the current 'cordonnier'. So a French dictionary refers to such a voice:

CORDOUNIER. Shoemaker. The word comes from the old French Cordovan, Cordovan leather was formed on Cordoba, city ​​in Spain where the best leather was made.
"Ung cordouanier be made rich by resverie". (Gargantua).

Cordes-sur-Ciel. Shoemaker utensils on the lintel of a door
Cordes-sur-Ciel. Shoemaker utensils on the lintel of a door

Be the homophonic relationship of various houses South of France with certain Spanish towns; is indeed mythical character that locals want to give it to own your villa relating it to the equally mythical city of Córdoba; or a strictly etymological derivation-semantic, Cordes Sur Ciel are the small Córdoba beyond the Pyrenees.

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  1. ¡C..ño! Dr. Rave Street alive, the daughter of the blockbuster film Hope and her boyfriend!, because without the above would be impossible to enjoy the featured. I'm not bragging when I tell a friend that I have (interne not so much I can not point the) the intricacies of this work. Milk with the air of Cartagena.

  2. Go little trips we stick, eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! envy, pure envy, distilled and filthy is what goes through my mind… and I here “the Romany”… Ozú, too bad the world is divided.

    • Viajesitos, tell????? The furthest I have gone this year has been to La Manga, that catastrophe perpetrated urban land Murcia, grasias my stay Cartagena. Good, and away I live all year, but that does not count. Pa viajesitos those of 'team redasión’ La Calleja. I'm shaking more think na trip prosimo some (v.g. the Manuel Harazem).

      This' imaginary viajesito’ is the result of a conversation with a neighbor of mine, Toulouse natural parent and returned emigrants Extremadura, I left some magazines in the area and told me the fact that bf-story in this article postvacacional. Google did the rest. But someday, more later the more Temprano, I will make a fabric viajesito the truth seafaring. I hope it's before retirement.

      • Good, man, good… no te pongas “asynchronous”…. na I think most of the pictures were yours I taladrao with teeth Mezzanine… in the end, in La Manga also not bad, although posts, I would go to the Algarve or any other place where the water is not as broth stew.

        • Just kidding, Jerome. What is no joke is what La Manga. I find abhorrent. So there was not paying. I only went a couple of days from Cartagena and I soak in that 'pot broth’ which is the Mar Menor, in villages, unspoilt yet (v.g. Grandchildren). The contemplation of that artificial line of skyscrapers at background caused me further embarrassment. As for the Portuguese beaches, I'll tell you what: its beauty lies in its still virtually untouched since, general, I get the impression that our Portuguese neighbors still do not know what it is for a beach. Much better this way.

          • Ya man, already… is that I have killed him with laughter with that yours soon…. the truth is that the best is off the tourist track or not?? You see it as the photos are yours and we restriegas all for the hills. No doubt I have.

  3. The camera had the wrong date scheduled. Here boy enjoying a portuguez Algarve beach in July.

  4. Q Which item prettiest nice and cool conversation around him! (what bathing in broth to pot and made me laugh encantaa) So the taste irsse after awakening one cabezadita in these hot Siesta q suffer.

    Well, I say, if you give subsidy to those after a real or imaginary trip delight us with a gem like this, not be misused that money, not.

    Harazem until ameniza their travel notes with appropriate music and then I freak tb while listening to the melody and read.

    Hill, to see if we program the camera well and staff watchful eye. jjejeje. precious child>:the]

  5. Mabuse, really delusional French theory of the page. For some fungi are famous in the area. A good job, doctor, detection of the mythic resonances of this city for the world. With doubts I prefer the rope linking the theme of leather and this in turn with the name of the shoe craftsman. Everyone knows that summer in Cordoba and always worked very well in the buff.

    • Good, what of 'cuir’ is messed around with shoehorn, pun. Although the derivation may not be as great. The word 'Cordouanier’ could come from the synthesis of 'cuir', Shared possible origin of the first syllable of that word, and the French name of the Andalusian city. Another definition of it reads as follows: “(…) Thus came into being the corporation "cobblers" whose name is a deformation of "cordouanier" designating a leather craftsman who works in Cordoba.
      Since that time, leather Cordoba retains its reputation(…)”, so 'cuir’ and 'Cordoue’ are defining elements of the old French word. Although, a decir verdad, I'll tell you what. Written French I 'understand’ by its analogies with other Romance languages (primarily for the New Gate andalú). I have enough with 'quarrel’ with English.

      In any case it is interesting to note the tremendous projection Cordoba leather (cordovan / guadamecil) especially in France throughout the early modern. Even in the rest of Europe. Too bad that in the city there is no museum or research center dedicated to this sector and as a profession, correct me if I'm right, their presence is merely symbolic. In France, however, this manufacture is still synonymous with prestige for its possessor and looks:,,3441730,00-transmission-know-spinners-on-leather-.html (Until Balzac's house was lined with them!).

  6. Doctor, I was not referring to the name of CORDES and possible etymological link about the subject Leather (what the shoelace, etc.). What I enjoy in his delirium is what they called Cordes by Cordova, siuda of toleransia and toreansia from time immemorial, Local erudo fruit of a descendant of one of the local erudos Cordoba strains that come from the Lower Paleolithic entertaining the crowd.

    What is incontrovertible is the etymology of shoemaker (shoemaker) that comes directly from the name of our city by a small alteration by assimilation to Greco-Latin origin word-latina rope (rope) and cordon (thick rope)(Shoemaker Dér. of prudent, Cordovan *, suff. -st *; shoemaker is impaired due to the infl. Cord *. CNRTL

    I believe it was never enough Cordobian weighted this contribution to the body of another language, much higher seniority and tradition to the already very internationalized maniana, nap, and mosquito in English, in addition to my favorite: word word, which resulted in Turkish word word = Lie. But you know… Turks always had mania since we sent the Cretan pirates Saqunda neighborhood.

  7. As for municipal recognition of the trade that took the name of this city to the outer galaxy is not it sufficient that he will dedicate a street, Battle of Leather? It you're a insonrrible, Doctor.

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