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I suspect that Al-Garb Al-Andalus, the west of Al-Andalus, his memory and retrieval, is still a matter of serious and systematic study. For most Portuguese art manuals, it starts with the first county Portuguese Romanesque still dependent Astur-Leonese, its most genuine and will be called Manueline style (XV and XVI centuries). Something similar has happened in Spain where, the heat of this 'Asturias is Spain and the rest is land conquered' own conception of a country in perpetual reconquest himself, Islamic art was valued primarily for its exoticism and the undeniable power of the material remains that have been preserved and displayed touristically.

I bring up here three significant pieces Umayyad period were conducted in Cordoba. There are other aesthetic heir to those, but which have already been made by local schools. That is why I do not consider appropriate for this Museum Imagined. Although is not it could pass for genuine accent works Cordoba? The cordobeh seat not, that no. The other.

Bote de Braga (Its Braga)
Bote de Braga (Its Braga)
Object Name: Boat Braga Cathedral
Holding: Treasury of the Cathedral of Braga
Original Owner: Commissioned by Abd al-Malik, son of al-Mansur
Museum Inventory: No number
Dimensions: Stop 20 cm; diameter 10 cm
Materials / techniques: Ivory; bas-relief.
Dating: Between 394 and 398 of the Hegira / 1004-1008 d. C.
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  1. Go, go… interesting. Although I think only the first piece, the ivory, It could come from Córdoba, especially since ivory workshops were centralized, it seems, in Cordoba and Medina Azahara.
    Part “mozárabe”, unless the card says otherwise, can be perfectly Local. The Mozarabic called (Today the term Christian is preferred Arabized) Hispano settlers are only governed by Muslims and adopt their customs. Tombstones of these are in many places, and its decoration is more than normal…I am doing the thesis that and, the truth, I do not'd get.
    And ataifor… many itinerant craftsmen workshops, but that ceramic type can not be identified as “cordovan” so, without further ado. I believe would be limited to safe or very credible sources, as the first piece, although the most logical thing is to think about the Cordoba influences. That can leave for another paragraph, if you like, of INFLUENCES…. it would be interesting (or more, and me apuras) that what we are doing. You only have to see the decorative arches inside the Cathedral of Durham, England… which the design or was Cordovan, or had been in Cordoba or knew, through treaties, Cordoba arches decorating entralazados… but that's another story.

  2. For I have sworn that was genuinely ataifor Cordoba. Went really matches with ceramics from Medina Azahara.
    This is not as easy as it looks.

  3. Really, Publican… is not easy. The products are marketed, changed, and even learn to make and systematically repeated… always succeed. A well-studied example: know that the Terra sigillata is a Roman pottery, red-colored, which at the time was, so to speak, crockery Luxury “middle class” Empire. It starts to do in Italy, then goes on to do in France, Later in Andújar and, finally, large pottery with forms most loved are located in Africa. Well, during this period that lasts 400 years old, the potteries of Andalusia are systematically imitating all forms, decorations and models arriving… clear, an inferior. We will, as the Chinese. And just as with ceramic, with lots of products… I could study a slab of marble decorated, beautiful, digging out the c / Duque de Hornachuelos a few years ago. The slab was white marble Proconnesian (the Sea of ​​Marmara, when the spiders smells of sulfur), and had an amazing quality in size. Well, 50 Santos Jener years before had taken from the area of ​​the Avenida del Aeropuerto a slab of identical decoration, but with local stone and with an embodiment quite Chungui… Conclusion: someone had managed to bring a slab from the Byzantine Constantinople workshops (surrounds) and here you had copied to another church.
    I do not know if I have explained clearly. I hope so.

  4. Jerome: I took the information on this page: http://www.discoverislamicart.org/database_results.php?cond2=AND&cond3=AND&date_from=&date_to=&field1=keyword&field2=provenance&field3=keyword&keyword1=c%C3%B3rdoba&searchlanguage=

    It is true that the mere chance of origin indicated. Sorry, I'll be more careful. But is that all this is very slippery.

    This is filling pieces. We will have to put some order or go thinking about calling us Moneo to broaden the museum. Something like this should be built around these post:


    This page is awesome. Good, More wood! This is war!

    • Let by Dr. parts. A webpages what happens to archeology, that looks easy but only what seems. The website you are aiming albeit rather ugly and simple look, He is a monster programming language like PHP database. It is a very complex development course millionaire.
      The Tavern (which is not bad) is mounted on the same basis but prefabricated, with what needs to be adjusted to specific parameters and somewhat limited.
      At the moment I do not think they get lost, as long as you do them the label “Museum imagined” I'm watching this subject so you will not miss any post. Let's see how it moves the thing and then take a path among all. You can isolate all such documentation in a separate room and there are various possibilities, give him time.

      I remind you that you can tweak the post, expand or correct them when you want, It's okay if you add data, yourselves a comment upgrade to others can see.

  5. Good, I just remove the parts that discouraged Jerome. And Tabernero, usteh not put asín. No one disputes that Calleja is wrong. Are just notes for achieving the maximum rigor and the pursuit of a certain homogeneity in the information. In fact, with the amount of literature that exists anywhere on tiraz of Hissem II, the point this morning on this and appears first. And that's thanks to the current format of WordPress.


  6. Format and more…
    Do not bother Dr., I am somewhat dry when I write and sometimes lends itself to interpretations that I did not want to write. I have not minced far, It is the way I build and I contribute to this beautiful project, so, chatting and commenting, is the day that addresses the restructuring (I'll do) I know we hit.
    I insist, nothing (or almost) what happens here, bothers me, rather the opposite.

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