Ivory Boat (In&A London)

Bote califal. Probably from Córdoba. Dating in 969.

It is the only boat ivory Umayyad Cordoba whose owner was not a member of the royal family. We treat ibn Ziyad Aflah, Prefect of Police of Córdoba.

Housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

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  1. My Mother, how he spent the head of the cops. Now I understand a letter that was sung in Córdoba then and belonged to a kupliti to (ditty) a satirical work (kashundiriya)of the time they recovered several times in the theater Algharbía, in times of Alhakam II, near the Puerta de Sevilla:

    Mirror iajruj (where does)
    Li shipyard as iatanbuj (pa much as highlights)

  2. There is one thing that I wonder: How could they do this work, If the fangs are as they are? And the penalty is for many cans and boxes both toothless elephant. Because we, a hanging it, but these sizes.

  3. Good, Worse what stools upholstered with whale foreskin Onassis wearing at the bar yacht. I always thought if the would remove the ballenos already dead or captured them, the circumcised and then released them. To me it gives me goosebumps just thinking about the poor ballenos the bud rubbing a raw 150 Kmt / h so saltwater. With what that must sour character…

  4. Did not know that Manuel, go to the Greek, Turks also did it to Ari (by that friendship with family), Young when he had to serve, Poor.

  5. Thank you for everything you've brought us to our small museum imagined, it's amazing. And makes me think. EVERYTHING is Cordoba and ALL this in one museum English. What will be no other? In the end…
    I propose to appoint Rafa Correspondent The Calleja in London. It has gained (and so, will make you go to keep looking…). Thanks again.

    • Grace to you Jerónimo.

      Too bad it's forbidden to take pictures in the gallery of jewels of the Victoria and Albert Museum, because there was a lot of work in gold califales.

      Pulled the pin has a primera foto visigodo (also many) acordandome de tí, but then came the Security catching up on the prohibition.

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