Atauriques in London II

Otro fragment ataurique, probably from Medina Azahara, exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Dated between 936-976. Carved Limestone. Museum registration numbers A.106, 156-1919.

Donado by Dr. In. The. Hildburgh, FSA.

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  1. I bet every British head q, son “the treacherous sea PIII blanca” q has come and is coming to visit Medina Azahara a piece carried in pocket. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Jajajajaja, Lisi, give thanks to all those white children perfidious Albion, or the great white perfidious daughter piiiiiiiii, or whatever the hell it is said that during the last two centuries from weather conditions and rescued from the clutches of caste cortijeras around the Mediterranean region much of the treasures now displayed in their windows.

    You may have to demand that the return, but always, always with the most sincere gratitude for having purchased, stolen, changed by a mirror, etc.. and prevented would turn into construction aggregates, in pots manor pasture or black market.

  3. Magnificent ataurique, Rafa, magnificent. I'm seeing you soon, to remain so, we have to generate a MIC 2.0 on something, as many of these pieces we now, but they have no record, or measures or anything. It is an extensive work. Tal vez, time, we can do intensive work. But then, without support from anyone, the truth, me seems surreal like us to lurch around the world to measure stones that, without going further, you can find a short walk around the foot of the mountains in industrial quantities…. In the end, I knew there were many things, but never guessed there were so many in so many places.

    • I insist that the MIC has done nothing to start.
      Córdoba is a puzzle and shattered disgragado worldwide.
      Even begin Friend, even begin.

      • Yes… but it promises, and fairly. What happens is that some of us care about agonies… but even seeing the glass half empty, the fact is that this constant effort of so many people on the net is starting to incredible fruit.

  4. Hola a tod@s. I have long reading Calleja and until today I had not recorded or written. It is a joy to see Cordoba and Cordoba really concerned for their city and get one day out of the ostracism and second division (at all levels) that is currently in comparison with other moments of his long history. Tod @ s know that our city will never be what it was, its glorious past is something that will be there forever and we should all be proud. However Córdoba today needs people like you, without complex, people with ideas to make our city put their head once and for all and be valued as they really deserve, and first of all must be valued and defended by their rulers, which should take into account and listen to people like the ones in this and other means. As I say, this site is a good place to brainstorm, there leave that one for if you fancy comenteis. I think I deserve more Córdoba, but for starters would be nice. A greeting.!E1D8B4214CE9ABBE!705.entry

    • at! Victorio and countryman Juan Ant º Cañero! me alegro!I'll take a look at your blog more slowly.

      We read! saludos >:the]

  5. Interesting, Talbanes. I hope your name does not hide behind the defense of uncompromising values ​​championed the undervaluation of women, of works of art, and religious and political freedom that is supposed, naturally, humans. I say this only because the similarity of your name, and nothing else.

    Clarifying this, or browse browse after (impracticable to do this because there are no leaves on the internet with my index finger to drag my own saliva impregnated) tu blog, in introducirme in him, I must say that I have always wondered why Seville is the capital of Andalusia.

    For economy; Malaga. By ideology; Cadiz. For history; Cordoba and Granada. For centrality; Antequera. And Sevilla?; Why population? Why Curro Romero? Why sevillanas (dancing, clear, not their wives… o sí)? I do not think the capital of Andalusia is the most important, but I agree with you that it could have been better studied.

    • not, not! In eso say Well, q if we offend them countrymen Montalbán. Te explain:

      Talbanés is gentile Talbania. Talbania is the mythical name of the town of Montalban. Already? for that.

      saluditos >:the]

  6. Hola Ben, Lysistrata has explained it perfectly, I had to put Talbanés without accent because so is the program does not accept accents when you check.

    As to why it was chosen as the capital Sevilla I think there was a vote in the newly released Andalusian Parliament and a majority voted in Seville as capital admnistrativa our region, of course neither by history nor by economics or by geographic centrality that city should be the capital of Andalusia. I think if that honorific Córdoba obtain recognition as historic capital of Andalusia would be partly recover for the latter 27 years in which the Andalusian has put our city in a very clear second plane in terms of investment, infrastructure etc when compared to other cities in Andalusia and Seville, Malaga Granada. From my point of view Córdoba is currently living the era where the account has less and where it has been moved to second and third place in its history. Is, I would say that the state of autonomous and autonomic Andalusia in particular have hurt Córdoba, very personal opinion this last. A greeting.

    • Hola Talbanés… Dear countryman, I glad to see that they show you in this Tavern. You're Welcome.

      As you will see, Talbania remains a mystery to some people… It is more, more than one will be searched for that place on the maps, or between the streets since the Lysis tile made him in times of lower tabernario, that I'm always identified with him.

      Salú… and Freedom

    • Q what you say, Talbanés, have run this river of ink forum. Q Just head out to the labels in the left margin of the page and read any post of “cultural capital”, “city”, “Cordova” bt without lucid comments on the topic parish walk sprayed q for any post published in this “tavern”.

      Victorio, see when we place the avatar, porq I've tried active and passive, and that q Door, kindly, I posted instructions for Dummies, but even so.

  7. Nothing. I hope my apology and only accept a sincere greeting to all residents of Montalban.

    Really: Seville, as the capital; Malaga, because their employers require it; and Granada, being “other” (the high Andalucía), you are welcomed by politicians take. While, submissive Huelva, lax Cádiz, Forgot the Almería, the absent Jaén, and apathetic Córdoba, observed, without requiring, how loose the crumbs, becoming larger towns on the edge of the closest cities. And how this changes? Namely…

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