Atauriques in London I

Fragment of ataurique (stylized plant motifs carved on stone ), possibly from Medina Azahara (Cordova, Spain). Exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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  1. Q knew the give, I stayed in the favorite of flirck before q colocases in Article. Is a “Belleza” ataurique, Rafael. >:the]

    • For if, Lisi, I got on Flickr to bring her here but I had a sudden and had to defer post in La Calleja. And another piece to go up one of these days I have left only.

  2. Interesting contribution that leads me to a simple reflection:
    While thousands of fragments, equally or more beautiful than this, have been decades in the open climate and pillage, This has looked perfectly preserved in one of the most interesting museums in the world.
    Two different ways of seeing things.

    By the way Rafa, Dresses plaster replicas among which is the Portico of Glory.

    • Totally agree with you, Publican: these fragments have not only remained, but I fear that remain (weathering). Actually two different ways of seeing things…

      As for the copy of the Porch, I have uploaded to Flickr for you (which lays “means” we should thank occasionally their work). I hope you can see here (or I will have to fight with the technologies…):

      Gloria Gantry V&A

  3. Is a past !!! this museum looks like a rake things Córdoba…. in the end, a mine for MIC.

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