Al-Nasir sent down the minaret of Hisham I and begins to build a large minaret

Document No.. 150

In 951 sends down the minaret of Hisham I and start building a large minaret

“And tells (Ibn Sa’id) this renewing his successor al-Nasir. How he demolished the first minaret and began building a colossal minaret. The order to demolish the old and primitive minaret was given in the year 340 [= June 9 951 to the 29 May 952].”

al-Maqqari, pp. 359-360 and 369-70 the Arabic text of the ed. de danger. Apud Felix Hernandez Jimene, The Minaret of 'Abd al-Rahman III in the Great Mosque of Córdoba, p. 19 (edic. Granada, 1975).

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