1901. Los Nabis ride to Cordoba (3Part)

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Emmanuel imagined Journal Bibescos

Cold Morning rose that day of the month of February 1901. Cloudy and cold. Swiss Hotel Rooms were comfortable but not very large. Not in vain was probably the best hotel I could suck in the whole city. After Breakfast gets back to the room to pick up the camera and other belongings. Mi hermano Antoine, looking out the window, Hizo me a gesture, inviting me to bring me. We watched the bustle of the street, peculiar types that she wandered. It was then when I prepared my Kodak and realized the first picture of the day. In the background, Church of the Company and a little further, the closing of the church of Santa Victoria.

And. Bibiesco. Cordoba, for roofs (1901). Musée DORSAY, Paris.
And. Bibiesco. Cordoba, for roofs (1901). Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

Island, Pierre and Ker-Xavier should be as eager in the hotel lobby, so hastily and went down to the square called Canalejas. The square was not very large. Actually in our brief journey from the station to the hotel we saw large squares or streets barely wide. The city still kept its medieval street pattern and apparent disorder streams.

Cordova. Hotel Suizo.
Cordova. Hotel Suizo.

This was the route we took to get to the Mosque, conducive to getting lost on more than one occasion, tortuous and labyrinthine. After crossing the street from Paradise Plaza we Sagasta, and from this and through Clock, Ambrosio de Morales and the Marquis del Villar streets to the Plaza de Jerónimo Páez, where an ancient palace currently hosts several Académie Polytechnique.

And. Bibesco. Portal, Cordoba (1901). Musée DORSAY, Paris.
And. Bibesco. Portal, Cordoba (1901). Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

And hence, and after a short break I took to take some pictures, continue the expedition across other lanes of old flavor, whitewashed. Finally, down the street they call spotted the wonderful rectangle Incarnation of the Mosque. The prints and photographs we knew of this great monument not do justice to its wonderful reality. The Patio de los Naranjos I found the Garden of Eden. At last I understood why there was another larger square in the city. Córdoba was concentrated around its symbol. We went inside the temple and went looking arch to arch, column at the vastness of its interior… and the damage caused by the Catholic faith for centuries. Too bad my camera did not have sufficient sensitivity to these interior spaces, dim lighting and intimate.

And. Bibesco. House of Pilates, Seville. Musée DORSAY, Paris. (Note: Obviously this picture is wrong cataloged).
And. Bibesco. House of Pilates, Seville. Musée d'Orsay, Paris. (Note: Obviously this picture is wrong cataloged).

Visiting the Mosque was something that did not leave none of us indifferent. Edouard afternoon in less than five minutes to articulate word since it Sali enclosure. He looked crestfallen, thoughtful. Pierre kept exclaiming qualifiers: Wonderful ¡! Wonderful ¡!

We decided to go to the river, cross the bridge and see the city from the panoramic one could see a whole. The image offered by the old city seemed to have stopped in time.

A hypothetical journey of the Nabis on their walk through Córdoba

A possible route of the Nabis in his walk Córdoba
A possible route of the Nabis in his walk Córdoba

¡¡¡Goodbye, estimated travelers!!! A good trip. ¡To another opportunity!

And. Bibesco. Vuillard on the train to LESPAGNE. Musée DORSAY, Paris.
And. Bibesco. Vuillard on the train to Spain. Musée d'Orsay, Paris.
And. Bibesco. Vuillard with Antoine Bibescos in the Córdoba-Bobadilla railway (1901).
And. Bibesco. Vuillard with Antoine Bibescos in the Córdoba-Bobadilla railway (1901).
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  1. Why imagined, is it yours hypothesis?
    Among Paco, you and a few others, I teneis acojonado, I'll have to hire an intern to organize this. 🙂
    Sois the peralimonera, no doy a basto, and the more ideas you ride, more ideas to come to my head, And I have no time ahoraaa!!!

    But you'll see and, in quantum me to release the Vais enterar.

  2. Dr. Mabuse just read the three that were pending post, 'm not having read prior, I've been busy. Seem wonderful, with photos delicious, with difficulty as “God” sends. The travel hypothesis seems very original and plausible.
    Because your contributions are doing a very readable digital newspaper.

  3. Again congratulations Dr. Perfect tour. The correct photo locations, is a wonder that one hundred and eight years after that visit you so perfectly detailed the tour. I think we can take for valid alleys of Marques del Villar and how interesting your pavement.

    The first picture I guess will be made from the back of the Hotel Suizo, from any rear window or from the roof. This is no longer possible perpestiva, maybe from phone, somewhat further.

    The famous hotel, down twenty five years after this photo (1925), with the alignment of the Cánovas Square.

    The third photo the playground after school I was in the High Street Santa Ana, 56 years after the photo, the same columns that are now, distributed more or less the square were there then, were elements to hide behind them, jump or sit in the same, sde ma fifty years ago.

    The fourth, I think what you see in the background is the railing of Mirhab. Playground also, with neighborhood children. The mosque's have come, playing practically all over the place, up to the rooftops.

    Manolo and his son Ringer despalomaban many times by the havoc that the pigeons made up.

    Behind the dome of the choir is a small belfry has always had a couple of storks, whose crotorar be heard from my house and saw logically, the closest I've been to them is below the belfry, say they were always the same. Then ignoring the San Blas appeared saying, Now do not migrate has become sedentary. The Sacristan Mayor was the husband of my godmother, Mari Rosa.

    The first time I saw Dawn, Year 1952 a 27 August, was cut silhouette of the belfry with sunrise in the countryside. I can not forget, My father told me there looks indicating where were the storks and watch the sun rises in the horizon. It may seem silly but it was the most important thing ever happened to me. A daily thing but so important, for a five year old.

    Many years later I went one winter to the same area for an alarm that went off in that place, I had an anecdote of view on the roofs to a good friend from long ago that it was closing all entrances to the choir with fabric Metal enclosure. we met again twenty years later in the roofs of the Mosque, well those were the Cathedral. Curious.

    That flood of memories causes any photographs.

    The last two will tell whether any rail these tapestries were of a railroad in this country, maybe it was first class, I've never used it myself.

    Thanks Dr.

    Tabernero Cordoba regret that a company has not worked for the city, are incomprehensible things. Now we will discuss.

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