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By Córdoba D. Pedro de Madrazo

30/08/2009 admin 2

An interesting book on Cordova in full digital format for viewing on the web. Especially interesting are the descriptions of the phases of construction of the Mosque and the building of the cathedral and the side chapels of the […]

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Atauriques in London II

19/08/2009 Rafael Jimenez 15

Otro fragment ataurique, probably from Medina Azahara, exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Dated between 936-976. Carved Limestone. Museum registration numbers A.106, 156-1919. Donado by Dr. In. The. Hildburgh, FSA.

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Cordes-sur-Ciel, petite Cordoba

18/08/2009 Dr. Mabuse 16

There is a small town nestled in the French region of Languedoc current, specifically in the region of Albi, not far from the mythical river Tarn and the Franco-Spanish Pyrenean border, whose name we may be familar. The town, in its […]

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Atauriques in London I

14/08/2009 Rafael Jimenez 9

Fragment of ataurique (stylized plant motifs carved on stone ), possibly from Medina Azahara (Cordova, Spain). Exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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Ivory Boat (In&A London)

01/08/2009 Rafael Jimenez 8

Bote califal. Probably from Córdoba. Dating in 969. It is the only boat ivory Umayyad Cordoba whose owner was not a member of the royal family. We treat ibn Ziyad Aflah, Prefect of Police of Córdoba. […]