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The mihrab and the attacks of 11-S

26/03/2009 admin 0

Yes, if that will surprise you, but the proportions of the horseshoe arch of the mihrab seems to be the pattern of the memorial monument is rising on the site of the State of Philadelphia where the flight crashed This image […]

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The mosaics of the Mosque of Cordoba

24/03/2009 Esteban 1

This book published by Henri Stern in 1971 is an interesting study (French is) on the mosaics that decorate the Mihrab of the Mosque of Cordoba. Beginning with a description of them in the dome and […]

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The Mosque. Rafael Moneo 1

24/03/2009 Brunildo 0

The English edition of the prestigious art magazine FMR (Franco Maria Ricci) dedicated in its July / August 1988, an extensive report (page 91 a la 120) con textos de Rafael Moneo y de Washington Irving […]

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Velázquez Bosco epigraphic Fakes

14/03/2009 Manuel Harazem 2

On interventions in the Mosque Velazquez Bosco has written something, never enough, Speaking of one of peormente studied monuments of Spain, in the treaties that deal with the most important historical and artistic building of Cordoba. […]

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The Mosque in Google Maps

10/03/2009 admin 0

View of the Mosque of Cordoba from the Google satellite. The entrance to the Patio de los Naranjos in the tower in Google street view.

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04/03/2009 admin 5

It has always surprised me how little and planimetric mapping information was available from the Mosque. He had asked around here and yon to see if there was something of higher quality. So now I'm surprised it took so long in […]