Grave Inca Garcilaso

The tomb of the Inca Garcilaso

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The Inca Garcilaso died in Cordoba, at his home in the Parish of St. Mary the 22 April 1616: ten days after having completed 77 years old. He was buried in the chapel he himself commanded build with […]

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The pictorial museum optical scale

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Antonio Palomino, born in Bujalance, near Cordoba, in 1653, was pretty mediocre painter little known and appreciated today. He enjoyed the influence of Valdés Leal and Alfaro, and after settling in Madrid, where later […]

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Antonio del Castillo (1603-1667)

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Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra, painter, Augustine son and nephew of Juan del Castillo. He was born in Córdoba year 1603, and his father taught him how wise his art; but after he died, se fue a […]

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Mosque gets its island of light

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FEATURE: Signs Mosque gets his island light. The restoration of Christian Cruise returns its original lighting MANUEL J. ALBERT – Cordova – 30/01/2009 – The country's most important monument in Cordoba, its Mosquel, It is a building as […]

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The Renaissance is inspired Mihrab Guarini

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Guarino Guarini, (nombre full Guarino Guarini Camillo), Modena,(1624 – Milan, 1683) mathematical, Italian writer and architect of the seventeenth century. It was both a student of mathematics, professor of literature and philosophy in Messina, and, from seventeen- architect […]