The Utopia of Cordoba

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If there is a famous story book by its title, Utopia that are Tomas Moro. So popular did the title jumped out of the cover to dictionaries, converted into a noun and an adjective to define universally […]

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The arches of the Mezquita in the Beatus

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Fifth vision: Belshazzar's Feast The King Belshazzar, son of Nebuchadnezzar, impious feast celebrated with a thousand of his lords. Already drunk, ordered to serve more wine in the vessels of the Temple of Jerusalem, that his father had […]

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And as… What did the Christians?

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Good, for it is not until the tenth century that Christians begin with the pressure on the territory of al-Andalus. Before this Mozarabs are unwittingly contributing northern monasteries build our language “the Castilian”. […]