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Process chronology

11/02/2010 admin 1

On the basis of including a chronology of events that determine the fortunes of the Mosque, I worked on a timeline that can view the events sorted by year. I have separated the events of Christian culture […]

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Guide index and timeline

15/06/2009 Brunildo 1

As discussed last month, and considering your contributions, in attachments signaled the possible guide index and a timeline that we can be helpful to know the evolution of the building […]

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The Thesis Olagüe

05/02/2009 Esteban 4

THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION IN THE WEST Ignacio Olagüe chapter Synopsis of the Mosque of Cordoba. -The Mosque of Cordoba is the only monument of the eighth century that has come to us without being disfigured. -The literary evidence that […]

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On measures of the Mosque

01/02/2009 admin 2

Spanish Art Archive, Flight 81, Not 324 (2008):333-356 II. Mosque of Cordoba. ‘Abd al-Raḥmān I (169/785-786). The proportional layout of the plan and elevation of the arches of the oratorio. The mihrab and qibla eighth century Antonio Fernández […]

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30/01/2009 Brunildo 2

Romero de Torres, Enrique (1948): “Restorations unknown in the Mosque of Cordoba. Gate of old mosque, Abdderrahman I, restored in the S. XVII”, Minutes and Proceedings of the Spanish Society of Anthropology, Ethnography and Prehistory. Homenaje a Sta. Olalla, […]

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And as… What did the Christians?

21/01/2009 admin 0

Good, for it is not until the tenth century that Christians begin with the pressure on the territory of al-Andalus. Before this Mozarabs are unwittingly contributing northern monasteries build our language “the Castilian”. […]

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Descriptions of the two minarets

19/01/2009 Esteban 0

Description of the minaret of the mosque built by al-Nasir “In its northern part the mosque is provided with a remarkable style minaret, grandiose proportions, so strange plant. Its ground clearance is a hundred cubits, the […]