Sinking the Mosque of Cordoba!

09/03/2010 admin 0

Do not panic dear reader, Luckily this happened in 1932, and fortunately also, water does not reach the river. But yes, ride a ruckus care, abrió un debate que acabó en los periódicos y revistas de la época. […]

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The foreign ministers of the EU in the Mosque

06/03/2010 admin 1

QUOTE FRAMED IN SPANISH PRESIDENCY OF EUROPE. The EU debate Córdoba its relationship with emerging Holders of Foreign Affairs addressed the creation of new diplomatic service europeo.El forum will focus today in the Middle East and […]

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Erdogan visit the Mosque of Cordoba

24/02/2010 admin 0

New scare Erdogan during his visit to the Mosque of Cordoba A Turkish student school and talk to the Prime Minister on privatization MANUEL J. ALBERT – Cordova – 23/02/2010 The visit of Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip […]

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An instructional guide to the Mosque

17/02/2010 admin 1

Historian John A. Souto presented yesterday at the new library Luque his work “The mosque Mosque of Cordoba”, an essay that makes a “general reflection” sobre este monumento islámico y que tiene el objetivo de dar a […]