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Other pages on the Mosque

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INFORMACIÓN GENERAL Contiene un paseo virtual por el temploórdoba Anales de la Córdoba Musulmana 5 Reinado de ‘Abd al-Rahman III Origen de la mezquita de Hashim Cabrera

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Bells with names

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Recent interventions in the bell tower have removed all graffiti, antiguos the modern, that could inform on the activities of the ringers and visitors to the room. However, in one of the […]

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Muhammad Iqbal writes a poem about the Mosque

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Poem written by Muhammad Iqbal 1933 after visiting the temple, and entitled:Masjid-i-Qartaba (Mosque of Cordoba)“My visit to the Mosque has risen to such a height of feeling as I had never reached before” (Iqbal) The philosopher, Indian writer and politician […]

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Fluorescent sings in the Mosque

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This video is doubly interesting, because it is the official presentation from Cordoba of the first issues of Canal Sur TV. It is shot in the mosque and he plays in front of the Mihrab Fosforito a Solea. I do not get viewing it correctly, […]

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music and the mosque

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Enrique Morente and star in my land Mosque Memories. Walking along the Mezquita Mosque. Medina Azahara Paco de Lucia plays in the Mosque of Cordoba “La Barrosa” few joys of Cádiz. Paco de Lucia plays in the Mosque […]

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The Mosque in the pages of the Count,

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É then everyone, su because the mosque of Cordova was not finished, she added in all the work that king, there Mengua, and finished. And this was the best and noblest complida and Moorish mosque avian […]

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Mosque in description 1836

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CORDOBA MOSQUE OR CATHEDRAL. Description in “It Instructor” very interesting for its objectivity. Abderrahman I Principle construction of this famous Mosque, but death prevented him from completing the work, leaving his son and successor Histuun the […]