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Ziryab and singing Andalusian.

08/02/2010 Esteban 6

Music was another of the lessons taught in the Great Mosque where elfamoso Ziryab musician founded the first conservatory in the madrassa Islamic world and introduced Arabic chants known as Nuba. Their musical innovations […]

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Chenoa nude in the Mosque

20/01/2009 admin 0

María Laura Corradini, known for his involvement in Operación Triunfo as Chenoa, presented his album, I am a woman , third in eighteen months, but she wanted to make clear that it is “as if it were the first, because it is made with […]

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Bells with names

19/01/2009 admin 1

Recent interventions in the bell tower have removed all graffiti, antiguos the modern, that could inform on the activities of the ringers and visitors to the room. However, in one of the […]