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The mosaics of the Mosque of Cordoba

24/03/2009 Esteban 1

This book published by Henri Stern in 1971 is an interesting study (French is) on the mosaics that decorate the Mihrab of the Mosque of Cordoba. Beginning with a description of them in the dome and […]

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The Mosque. Rafael Moneo 1

24/03/2009 Brunildo 0

The English edition of the prestigious art magazine FMR (Franco Maria Ricci) dedicated in its July / August 1988, an extensive report (page 91 a la 120) con textos de Rafael Moneo y de Washington Irving […]

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The cutout of the Mosque

08/02/2009 admin 0

Be patient because the cut is almost a hundred pages. If you're not careful you can end up taking longer than I Abderaman. That yes, when you finish you will be an expert in the temple, as the profusion of details […]

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30/01/2009 Brunildo 2

Romero de Torres, Enrique (1948): “Restorations unknown in the Mosque of Cordoba. Gate of old mosque, Abdderrahman I, restored in the S. XVII”, Minutes and Proceedings of the Spanish Society of Anthropology, Ethnography and Prehistory. Homenaje a Sta. Olalla, […]

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The arches of the Mezquita in the Beatus

22/01/2009 admin 0

Fifth vision: Belshazzar's Feast The King Belshazzar, son of Nebuchadnezzar, impious feast celebrated with a thousand of his lords. Already drunk, ordered to serve more wine in the vessels of the Temple of Jerusalem, that his father had […]

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And as… What did the Christians?

21/01/2009 admin 0

Good, for it is not until the tenth century that Christians begin with the pressure on the territory of al-Andalus. Before this Mozarabs are unwittingly contributing northern monasteries build our language “the Castilian”. […]

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Books on the network Mosque and Al-Andalus

20/01/2009 admin 0

Elbow in Arab historiography of the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Contribution to the study of the monument, Madrid. Hernández Giménez, F. (1961): The minaret of Abd al-Rahman III in the great mosque of Cordoba. Genesis and impact. Granada. Patronato de […]

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Photo Schommer Mosque

19/01/2009 admin 0

Alberto Schommer performed 1993 the book “The Search”, based on the Mosque-Cathedral. This book belongs to “Stone Four Bodies”. A large format book containing photographs in black and white full page inside the […]

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The Mosque in the pages of the Count,

15/01/2009 Esteban 0

É then everyone, su because the mosque of Cordova was not finished, she added in all the work that king, there Mengua, and finished. And this was the best and noblest complida and Moorish mosque avian […]

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Mosque in description 1836

15/01/2009 admin 0

CORDOBA MOSQUE OR CATHEDRAL. Description in “It Instructor” very interesting for its objectivity. Abderrahman I Principle construction of this famous Mosque, but death prevented him from completing the work, leaving his son and successor Histuun the […]