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Qantara. Cultures of the Mediterranean

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El proyecto Qantara se parece al Instituto del Mundo Árabe: in the spirit of openness and peace, in its modern form and media aimed at both the specialist and the profane and its organization, in which multiple partners are involved […]

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Books on the network Mosque and Al-Andalus

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Elbow in Arab historiography of the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Contribution to the study of the monument, Madrid. Hernández Giménez, F. (1961): The minaret of Abd al-Rahman III in the great mosque of Cordoba. Genesis and impact. Granada. Patronato de […]

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Other pages on the Mosque

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INFORMACIÓN GENERAL Contiene un paseo virtual por el temploórdoba Anales de la Córdoba Musulmana 5 Reinado de ‘Abd al-Rahman III Origen de la mezquita de Hashim Cabrera