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The Lion of Monsoon

16/11/2009 admin 0

[ad#baner-480] Aparecido en el siglo XIX en el Castillo de Monzón en Palencia, Se encuentra hoy en el Museo del Louvre de Paris, This bronze lion of Muslim origin, possibly taken as booty during the Christian reconquest, and that […]

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Andalusian Numismatics

26/10/2009 admin 0

Andalusian coin collection online Among the collections that preserves the Numismatic Cabinet of the National Archaeological Museum, the coins minted in al-Andalus-geopolitical concept that encompasses the peninsula and North under Muslim authority- constitute a series […]

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The other fawn of Medina Azahara

24/10/2009 admin 1

300 million, that the change is 200 million, is what it cost, una vez terminado, el Museo de Arte Islámico de Qatar. 15 millones de euros es lo que llevamos gastado en los papeles y […]

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Gold jewelry pieces from Madinat al-Zahra

10/06/2009 Dr. Mabuse 2

Author: Anonymous. Dating: Late tenth century, early eleventh century. Materials: gold, gemstones, remnants of enamel. Measures:12 x 35,5 x 1,5 cm. Parts Description: Different pieces of jewelry, ornaments by, Hanging, pending, piezas para tocados […]