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Cordoba Roman lamps

17/02/2010 admin 0

LVDI ROMANI. Entertainment in Roman Hispania. It is the title of an exhibition virtualorganizada by the Ministry of Culture through the National Archaeological Museum and the National Museum of Roman Art in Merida. A playful view of Rome, […]

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Capitals in the House Pilate Sevilla

16/02/2010 admin 0

This weekend Cicero've been doing some French friends for Sevilla. Although the city has changed a lot since I left after five years of study in it, still remembered certain rides and places […]

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Looking Córdoba in Athens

19/01/2010 Manuel Harazem 5

This autocomisionado volunteer Calleja in Greek lands back with something in his saddlebags on his mission to search for probable progressive cordobesidades traveled in concentric circles concentric circle the exansiva circunvaladamente wave alleged […]

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The two faces of Seneca

09/01/2010 admin 1

"Despise poverty, because no one lives with such as he had when he was born. Despise pain, pues el u will end the end. Despise fortune, because I did not give weapons that could offend the spirit. Despreciad […]

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Doors Moorish Rabat-Salé

27/12/2009 Manuel Harazem 12

For many, years (was the year of the Lord of 1977) my friend and fellow student P. and I walked rummaging in the parish archives of Santa Marina with the purpose of mounting descabalado ourselves no prior experience or address […]

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The Great Mosque of Cholula novohispana

19/12/2009 Dr. Mabuse 2

In an earlier chapter sat suspicion that Córdoba, through its Great Mosque, was, in the last, inspiring element of some samples of Spanish American colonial architecture. If we approach the matter that story of architecture […]