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The Great Mosque of Cholula novohispana

19/12/2009 Dr. Mabuse 2

In an earlier chapter sat suspicion that Córdoba, through its Great Mosque, was, in the last, inspiring element of some samples of Spanish American colonial architecture. If we approach the matter that story of architecture […]

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Looking Córdoba in Morocco (II)

16/11/2009 Manuel Harazem 13

As if Borges himself had designed one of his literary delusions, Made, FAS in Arabic, is a city essentially mirror. An apocryphal legend says that the name comes from the inverse reflection of a city that is impossible […]

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Córdoba in Aswan

09/11/2009 JULBE wife 0

El recuerdo de Córdoba y de su cultura trascienden, a pesar de determinadas instancias cordobesas, el ámbito español para hacerse universal. No es que esté asociado a la cultura y arte árabe-musulmán, si no que cuando éste quiere hacerse cosmopolita […]

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The Mosque of Cordoba in Chicago

08/11/2009 admin 1

In the Illinois Digital Archives I found this gem. Is the Spanish Pavilion at the World Expo in Chicago the year 1893. It is a recreation of the forest of columns of the Mosque (no cathedral) Cordoba. Some weeks ago […]

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Looking Córdoba in Morocco (I)

04/11/2009 Manuel Harazem 11

I try to organize the memories of nearly a month of revisits by land Sherifian empire to try to put together a coherent story about influences or similarities between the two sides of the strait to my friends and first tabernarios […]

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The Cordoba Cultural Center Marrakech

19/10/2009 Dr. Mabuse 1

“During Antiquity, Cordoba has been a powerful intellectual axis of Andalusian culture in the Iberian Peninsula ; for centuries, it has strengthened the unbreakable bonds with the splendid Marrakech : all-two sister cities through a fluid exchange […]

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By Córdoba D. Pedro de Madrazo

30/08/2009 admin 2

An interesting book on Cordova in full digital format for viewing on the web. Especially interesting are the descriptions of the phases of construction of the Mosque and the building of the cathedral and the side chapels of the […]

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The Aljafería; Cordoba Zaragoza

28/07/2009 admin 4

After the hard work of Talleres de Arte Contemporaneo de Zaragoza, I was left with an empty Sunday in the city. A group of friends, morning dedicated to a tour that began visiting the impressive Moorish work […]