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And Mechanical Engineering in Islam

01/05/2010 admin 0

The Mosque of Cordoba and ingenuity to sustain constructive masses above, and leave the floor virtually transparent, is the presentation of this documentary is one of the series which consists “The Scientific Legacy of the Arab World”. […]

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The numbers and geometry in Islam

01/05/2010 admin 0

A very interesting and comprehensive documentary on the Geometry and its role in the culture of Islam. The Mosque of Cordoba, although it is not the protagonist of the documentary, is clearly an excellent example of this culture the number. SCIENTIFIC LEGACY […]

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Cordobanes and guadamecíes

14/04/2010 admin 3

The word equivalent cordovan leather worked in Córdoba, and so it was known since the early Middle Ages in Western Europe. The voice Guadamecí, although originally from Ghadames Society, border between Algeria and Libya, It is clearly […]

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Kitchen of al-Andalus. Reference Books

19/03/2010 admin 2

The constituent elements of Andalusian cuisine are delimited. Wheat, bread grain, entered into the composition of several dishes. While the working classes were content to various soups and semolina porridge, wheat and pulses and […]

Olive Source. Patio de los Naranjos, Cordova

Hydraulic Toys Olive Source

11/03/2010 admin 1

Some months ago, notice it in this tavern for the appearance of a hydraulic wit that suddenly erupted in the Fountain of the Olive Patio de los Naranjos, Surprised at the parish thought it was the new […]

Sinking the Mosque of Cordoba!

09/03/2010 admin 0

Do not panic dear reader, Luckily this happened in 1932, and fortunately also, water does not reach the river. But yes, ride a ruckus care, abrió un debate que acabó en los periódicos y revistas de la época. […]

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Erdogan visit the Mosque of Cordoba

24/02/2010 admin 0

New scare Erdogan during his visit to the Mosque of Cordoba A Turkish student school and talk to the Prime Minister on privatization MANUEL J. ALBERT – Cordova – 23/02/2010 The visit of Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip […]

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Madinat al-Zahra a Video

22/02/2010 Esteban 1

Explanation of the palatial city, costruir commanded by Abd al-Rahman III in 936, Recreation by 3D Palace on /